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M2M and IoT Data Services

M2M and IoT Data Services


M2M Connectivity have experience working with major network operators across Australia & New Zealand to provide managed connectivity solutions for M2M/IoT devices – If you have a preferred provider or corporate account we can work with your existing network to help manage and improve your M2M data service.

M2M Connectivity can also provide a full managed connectivity service through our sister company M2M One a dedicated re-seller for Telstra M2M services and the CISCO Jasper Control Centre.

Through M2M One, we can provide:

  • SIM cards for M2M devices with a full range of SIM formats (Industrial, MFF, Micro…)
  • Tailored M2M data plans (Individual and grouped/pooled)
  • Fully managed IPWAN, private static IP and secure VPN access
  • Diagnostics tools, live connectivity status, notifications & alerts
  • Customer web portal and Control Centre M2M services platform
  • Application consultancy and advice


Examples of our work

EnerNOC Energy Management and Services Rollout



In January 2011 EnerNOC looked to expand beyond their US and Canadian markets, by offering their services to customers in Australia (WA). The rollout of their services included connecting hardware to customer electricity meters and the deployment of an entire back-end solution for managing power usage and costs.

EnerNOC had a number of requirements in support of its entry into the Australian energy market including:

  • Certainty of 3G data costs.
  • Fixed IP addresses on mobile routers with full connection to their Network Operations Centre in the US.
  • A local partner to provision SIMs and support hardware integration, kitting and configuration, as well as reverse logistics.


To support their entry into the Australian market, EnerNOC selected M2M One on the basis of the comprehensive, scalable solution that they could provide:

  • Tailored 3G data plan,
  • Complete Fixed IP service, VPN, and secure connectivity to EnerNOC’s Network Operations Centre,
  • Kitting, configuration and provisioning of a Telstra approved ethernet gateway to connect their metering solution over 3G.
  • Use of the Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre through M2M One to manage and control their SIM card fleet.

M2M One monitored initial SIM card usage in order to determine the optimal data plans for EnerNOC’s fleet.  Guarantees on cost per SIM ensured the financial risk to the rollout from overuse of the Network was removed.


In selecting M2M One as their partner, EnerNOC was able to successfully enter the Australian market and commence deployment of their energy management applications and services within just a few months, whilst meeting the service expectations of their global HQ.

They did not need to recruit extra specialist staff for the logistics and service functions of their new Australian enterprise and have instead been able to focus on sales and their plans for further expansion both throughout Australia and in New Zealand.

In 2011, EnerNOC rolled out over 100 systems, with more significant volumes forecast over the next 12 months. As a result of the EnerNOC solution, many Australian consumer and business customers are enjoying lower energy charges.

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