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The Smart Cities Demo Kit allows real time monitoring of key parameters in cities, such as sound and light to make noise urban maps, or to develop adaptive lighting systems.

Smart Cities Demo Kit applications include weather control and air quality monitoring using the humidity and temperature sensors and pollution detectors (CO2, NO2, CO, O3). Trash collection routes can be optimised with the ultrasound detection of rubbish levels in containers.

Smart Cities Demo Kit Contains:

SC-802P&S! SC 802.15.4    x1
AC-802P&S! AC 802.15.4    x2
EN-802P&S! EN 802.15.4    x1
9259-P Microphone (dBA) sensor probe   x1
9246-P Ultrasound sensor probe             x1
9205-P Luminosity LDR probe                 x3
9247-P Tem + Hum (Sensirion)              x2
9325-P Luxes accuracy sensor probe       x2
9230-PCO2 sensor probe      x1
9229-PCO sensor probe        x1
9238-PBNO2 sensor probe    x1
9258-PBO3 sensor probe      x1
9250-P Atmospheric pressure sensor probe   x1
6600-EXT6600mAh rechargeable battery + external solar panel   x4
M802-3GMeshlium 802.15.4-PRO-3G-AP   x1
TC- 5Technical consultancy 5 hrs    x1
PROGP&S! Programming Service     x1
MVIS Meshlium visualisation interface       x1


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