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The Smart Environment Demo Kit allows the monitoring of temperature and humidity, as well as measuring levels of CO, CO2 and O3. This kit can be used to control air pollution from cars and toxic gases generated in factories and farms (CO and CO2). These same gases can be monitored to ensure workers and goods safety inside chemical plants, and to reduce the presence of ozone in the drying meat process in food factories.

An application example for the Smart Environment kit is the detection of forest fires, by controlling combustion gases and pre-emptive fire conditions in order to define alert zones.

Smart Environment Demo Kit contains:

EN-802 P&S! EN 802.15.4          x4
9203-P Temp sensor probe        x4
9204-P Humidity sensor probe   x4
9230-P CO2 sensor probe          x4
9229-P CO sensor probe            x4
9238-PB NO2 sensor probe        x4
9258-PB O3 sensor probe          x4
6600-EXT 6600mAh rechargeable battery + external solar panel      x4
M802-3G Meshlium 802.15.4-PRO-3G-AP    x1
TC-5 Technical consultancy 5 hrs                x1
PROG P&S! Programming Service               x1


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