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Smart Water Demo Kit is equipped with multiple sensors to improve and simplify remote water quality monitoring (pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, etc). Using this kit swimming pool conditions can be remotely controlled, and cities can benefit by monitoring the quality of tap water.

Chemical leakages and pollution levels in rivers and in the sea can also be prevented by real time measurement of pH and conductivity levels.

Smart Water Demo Kit contains:

SC-802 P&S! SC 802.15.4   x1
AC-802 P&S! AC 802.15.4   x2
EN-802 P&S! EN 802.15.4   x1
9259-P Microphone (dBA) sensor probe  x1
9246-P Ultrasound sensor probe   x1
9205-P Luminosity LDR probe       x3
9247-P Temp + Humidity (Sensirion) x2
9325-P Luxes accuracy sensor probe  x2
9230-P CO2 sensor probe    x1
9229-P CO sensor probe      x1
9238-PB NO2 sensor probe  x1
9258-PB O3 sensor probe    x1
9250-P Atmospheric pressure sensor probe x1
6600-EXT 6600mAh rechargeable battery + external solar panel  x4
M802-3G Meshlium 802.15.4-PRO-3G-AP    x1
TC-5 Technical consultancy 5 hrs  x1
PROG P&S! Programming Service  x1
MVIS Meshlium visualization interface  x1


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