The AssetLink AP3100  is a solar-powered, low cost, low profile, untethered, rugged two-way global GPS satellite tracker and multi-sensor gateway.

The AssetLink AP3100 global satellite tracker is a versatile, two-way asset tracking and sensor monitoring solution especially designed for two-way communication with unpowered assets. The AP3 is a completely enclosed, self-contained, waterproof, dustproof,fully-ruggedized solution that enables pinpoint monitoring of any fixed or mobile asset anywhere in the world. Available in solar/hard-line or hard-line only options, the battery lasts the lifetime of most industrial equipment and is designed to survive long low sun conditions. For applications beyond GPS, it can be rapidly congured to monitor a wide range of analog and digital sensors and data inputs.

The AssetLink AP3100 leverages the global coverage of the Iridium satellite network to provide reliable, uninterrupted, two-way data communication between assets in the field and back office enterprise applications.  Leveraging Iridium satellite, AssetLink AP3100 will maintain communication with assets anywhere on the ground, in the air, or at sea. Its fully two-way communication capability supports over-the-air commands to change reporting behavior or manage machinery.

Key Features

  • Global two-way satellite connectivity over the Iridium satellite network
  • Unobtrusive, completely enclosed and self-contained
  • Ten-year battery and solar panel for unpowered assets
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Modular design for rapid customization to your customers’ needs


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AssetLink AP3100

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