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M2M Connectivity Newsletter August 2010

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This month Quake Global announced the acquistion of the assets and business of Stellar Satellite Communications Ltd from ORBCOMM. Quake’s position as a leader among satellite M2M device manufacturers is reinforced with the addition of Stellar’s ORBCOMM products to Quake’s already extensive product range for ORBCOMM and Iridium satellite networks. In this newsletter we also announce the End of Life of four Quake/Stellar products and advise of suitable replacements.
Limited places are available for our popular Open AT Introduction course scheduled for September 9, in Melbourne. Please refer to the details and registration link below.
If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please contact us. Click here to request more information.
Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity

Sierra Wireless SL6087 Available Now

The new SL series embedded modules from Sierra Wireless  feature quad-band (850/900/1800/1900MHz) Edge in the SL6087 and UMTS/HSDPA in the SL808x in a standard 74-solderable pad LGA form factor.
The SL6087 offers an easy migration path to the footprint  compatible 3G/HSDPA SL808x versions.  The LGA surface-mount technology and the standardized form factor enable easy placement of the AirPrime SL Series modules into the final product using automated manufacturing equipment.  The SL6067 also features an extended temperature range (ClassA:-30°C to +70°C and ClassB:40°C to +85°C). Both the SL6087 & the SL808x modules are RoHS Compliant 2002/95/EC.
For more information on the Sierra Wireless AirPrime SL6087 & SL808x embedded modules please click here.

Opengear ACM5004-G 3G Console Server

Opengear ACM5004-GOpengear 3G Console Server provides secure remote access to serial attached network devices. It provides complete remote hands, giving IT personnel the ability to reach out to a remote site as if they were actually on site. In event of an outage, they can access all their branch office sites out of band and reboot the systems using the inbuilt service processors.
This 3G console server enables the central monitoring of  the status of power at all the remote offices and centralises alarms to set up automatic shut-downs to be triggered in the event of battery back-up outages or excessive operating temperatures. Furthermore, it can be used to connect local LAN-connected devices onto the internet by setting a gateway on the 3G interface.
For information on the Opengear ACM5004-G 3G console server  please click here.

Radiocrafts RS232 Modules & Expansion Card

The low cost RC2500-RS232 RF Module from Radiocrafts is a compact surface-mounted module for multi-channel GFSK/MSK operation in the 2.45 GHz ISM band with an easy-to-use UART interface.
The RC2500HP-RC232 module is completely shielded, includes a range extension LNA and PA and has numerous applications in M2M communication, sensor and control.
Also available in the same footprint as the RC2500 are the 433 MHz (RC1140-RC232) and 902-928 MHz (RC1190-RC232).
The Radiocrafts RC1140 and RC2500HP IESM Expansion cards offer 433MHz RC232 and 2,4GHz RC232 respectively,  to the Sierra Wireless Fastrack Xtend modem effectively turning the Fastrack Xtend into a RC232 gateway.
For more information on Radiocrafts’ RS232 products please click here.

End of Life Notice – Quake Q9601

M2M Connectivity would like to advise customers of the End Of Life of Quake Global’s Q9601.
The replacement product is the new Q9602 and there is an Adapter Board for developers not wanting to re-engineeer the new module into a design.  This PCB board enables easy replacement of Iridium Q9601 with the Q9602.  Smaller and cheaper, the Iridium Q9602 connects and communicates differently. Redesign can be avoided with the Q9602 fitting into the place of Q9601 with no extra development effort using the Adaptor Board.
We also anticipate a new Q4000 series Iridium version to be a Q9601 replacement option when this product is commercially available in December 2010/
Please contact M2M Connectivity for with any questions regarding the Quake EOL products and replacement options.For more information on the Q9602 and the Adapter Board please click here.

End of Life Notice – Quake/Stellar DS100 & DS101

The Quake/Stellar DS100 & DS101 satellite modems are End Of Life as of October 1,due to the inavailability of components for the manufacturing of these products.
The replacement is the QUAKE Q1000 which is smaller, more economical, and superior in performance,
Please contact M2M Connectivity for with any questions regarding this Quake/Stellar EOL product and replacement option. For more information on the Q1000 please click here.

Open AT Course

An Open AT Introduction Course has been scheduled for Thursday, 9th September, 2010 to be conducted in our office in Kensington, Melbourne.
The course is offered as a complimentary service for M2M Connectivity customers who have purchased and are developing with Sierra Wireless AirPrime embedded modules, Fastrack Supreme/Xtend Programmable Gateways, Q2686/Extreme Development Kit and Fastrack Supreme/ Xtend Development Kits.  Places are limited.
Please click here to register.

Tech Tip

Using the RB411U/UHR RouterBoard to send and receive SMS
The RouterBoard (RB411U/RB411UHR) can be used to send and receive SMS through 3G modem by issuing some AT commands.
RouterOS lists such modems as serial port that appears in ‘/port print’ listing. The following command can be issued to send SMS:
/tool sms send port=port dst-smsc=smsc message=message
/tool sms send port=usb3 “04XXXXXXX” message=”HELLO ALL”
SMS received by the RouterBoard can be read by following commad
/tool sms print
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