The COR IBR Extensibility Dock is an accessory for the COR IBR900 Series and COR IBR600C Series routers. It supports dual-modem, additional Ethernet port and GPIOs, and enables redundant power.

Key Features

(When Combined With COR IBR900 Series or COR IBR600C Series)

  • Dual-modem MC400 expansion slot
  • Two extra 10/100 Ethernet ports
  • 3rd-party expansion card support
  • 2×10 connector for:
    • Extra GPIOs (1 in + 4 I/O)
    • 5 V DC 50 mA sensor power
    • Ignition sensing
    • Redundant power supply capable
  • Adds GPS functionality when paired with MC400LP6 or MC400LPE modem


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