The G52 Solar’s rugged housing and built in solar panel allows the device to monitor and track assets in harsh and remote environments, without the need for an external power source. This compact 2G or 3G GPS tracking device provides telemetry using the power of the sun.

The SDI-12 interface allows the use of a variety of sensors commonly used in agricultural applications, such as: soil moisture probes, flow meters and humidity sensors. The device’s ignition input can also be configured for pulse counting, allowing the use of a tipping rain gauge.

The G52 intelligently adjusts its behaviour to maximise usefulness under different power conditions, and to maximise it’s potential to be charged by the sun.

Key Features

  • Solar panel recharges internal battery
  • IP67 rugged weatherproof housing
  • Multiple inputs and outputs (harness provided)
  • Compact 2G or 3G GPS
  • Agricultural or Tracking Configuration


Product Order Number:

DM G52 Solar

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