Connect Sensors to the Cloud

Meshlium is a Linux router which works as the Gateway of the Waspmote Plug&Sense! Sensor Networks.

Meshlium receives sensor data from Waspmote Plug & Sense! and forwards it directly to the Internet via a suitable radio interface (e.g. 4G | LTE) protocols depending on the connectivity options available in the area. 

Meshlium is ready to send sensor data to Cloud software platforms including MQTT, Axeda, Thingworx, and ESRI. If you prefer to implement your own Cloud/Server solution you can still configure Meshlium to send data into any data base on the Internet or inside the Meshlium device.

Meshlium can also integrate a GPS module for mobile and vehicular applications and be solar and battery powered. These features along with an aluminium IP-65 enclosure allows Meshlium to be placed anywhere outdoors. Meshlium comes with the Manager System, a web application which allows the quick and easy control of radio configurations along with storage options for the sensor data received.

The Meshlium Xtreme can even allow detection of iPhone and Android devices, and in general any device which works with WiFi or Bluetooth interfaces. This enables the measurement of the number of people and cars which are present in a certain point at a specific time, allowing the study of the evolution of the traffic congestion of pedestrians and vehicles.

Meshlium features: 

– three models integrating more than 60 sensors
–  Robust waterproof IP65 enclosure
–  Add or change a sensor probe in seconds
–  Solar powered with internal and external panel
–  Radios include 4G and 802.15.4
–  Over the air programming (OTAP)
–  Special brackets ready for street lights installation
–  Graphical and intuitive programming interface

For Meshlium documentation click here.