Helix Antennas

Maxtena helix antennas are built on the Maxtena proprietary Helicore® technology. They are ideal for small devices that require added performance above what a patch antenna can do.

M2M Connectivity offers a unique set of Maxtena helix antennas for satellite communications. Maxtena helix antennas operate across several satellite networks including GPS, Iridium and GLONASS. We also offer several Maxtena antennas that work across multiple networks.

The antennas are available in different sizes and form factors. Maxtena produce both external antennas that come in a range of plastic housings, as well as embedded antennas. The embedded antennas are custom built to sit perfectly in the devices own housing.

GNSS Helix Antennas

Iridium | GPS Helix Antennas

Maxtena Tuning Kit