Microstrip Antennas

Maxtena’s large portfolio of both active and passive microstrip antennas are available in several different sizes, depending on customer needs. Each antenna listed is accompanied by its own datasheet with electrical and mechanical specifications. 

All of the Maxtena microstrip antennas offer high performance with a very low profile. The antennas are ideal for GPS handhelds, PDAs and tracking devices. The compact size and lightweight features of the microstrip antennas make them ideal for various commercial and industrial applications.

The microstrip antenna tuning kits are also available. The tuning kits enable the user to find the exact antenna frequency to compensate for downward shifts caused by the devices housing construction and electronic components. We recommend starting with a tuning kit before placing any large or small antenna order.

GPS Passive Microstrip Antennas

GPS Active Microstrip Antennas

GPS Microstrip Antenna Tuning Kits