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Digital Matter


Digital Matter supply a range of GPS tracking and telematics devices for resellers of telematics solutions to the fleet, logistics and communications industries.

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Sec-Eng Systems


For over 17 years, Sec-Eng Systems have been in business, and during that time they have forged a world-wide reputation as a trusted and highly competent supplier of custom-designed electronic security products.

Sec-Eng Systems products are in demand across a broad range of verticals, many of which require highly specialised systems to meet the industries’ ever-changing needs.

Some applications include:

  • Man-down Solutions
  • RF Access Control
  • Industrial IoT
  • Security Solutions

Recommended Products

Eden Worth


Based in Australia and operating for over 20 years, Eden Worth brings the proven know-how and capability to provide IoT devices which leverage state-of-the-art electronics.

They offer low-power IoT hardware, which connects to low-power WAN’s (LPWAN), simplifying sensor and device interfaces to the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

Practical applications include:

  • Smart water flow measurement and monitoring
  • Gas metering applications
  • Asset tracking (of high value items) for security, distribution and logistics applications
  • Farming stock management tracking and monitoring
  • Farming water supply level monitoring and alert systems
  • Weight or liquid (tank) monitoring and management
  • Water leakage by detecting liquid presence outside tanks and pressure variations along pipes
  • Waste management by detecting rubbish levels in containers to optimise rubbish collection routes
  • Air quality monitoring in buildings
  • Structural health by monitoring vibrations and material conditions in buildings and other structures

Recommended Products

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