Tinymesh is an out-of-the-box solution, which gives you robust and reliable wireless device networks with secure two-way communication for remote monitoring, data collection and control.

It uses a powerful multi-hop mesh protocol with bidirectional wireless communication, for control and monitoring of individual nodes. Modules for frequencies include 433MHz, 868MHz, 900MHz and 2450MHz, with country-specific options, and high-power (HP) options.

YouTube links for the rapidly expanding Tiny University – a collection of tutorials and application notes:
1.   Introduction to TinyMesh part 1
2.   Introduction to Tiny Mesh part 2
3.   Introduction to TinySolution cloud platform
4.   A practical TinyMesh network demo
5.   How to configure a TinyMesh device
6.   How to configure serial port communication in Transparent Mode
7.   How to configure serial port communication in Packet Mode
8.   How to do digital output control
9.   How to do digital dimming control

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Download TinyMesh RF Module Document

Download TinyMesh & the IoT Document

Download TinyMesh Modules Made Easy Presentation