Cradlepoint IBR600 & Rapha Cycle Club Pop-Up Shop

Rapha Cycle Clubs brings together cycling enthusiasts through a unique retail point of presence and serving its club members with on-site cafes, live race screenings, exhibitions and events. To expand their reach, Rapha strategically establishes pop-up stores in key cycling cities across the globe. The pop-up stores operate for six weeks at a time, before moving onto the next location.
In the summer of 2015/16, Melbourne and Adelaide were selected as key cycling cities to host Rapha pop-up retail and cycle club stores. The rise of pop-up vendors is a great opportunity to expand the use of mobile broadband in retail. Rapha trialled a Cradlepoint IBR600 compact wireless modem solution, to great success.



A mobile broadband-enabled sim inserted in a Cradlepoint IBR600 compact modem provided network connectivity for:

• Wireless EFTPOS transactions
• Secured remote access to product & pricing material
• Creating a Wi-Fi & Ethernet network for point-of-sale (POS) and printing devices
• Streaming of in-store live events
The Cradlepoint modem was the preferred solution over traditional consumer-grade mobile broadband devices, as it provided enhanced security and greater bandwidth, which allowed tasks requiring connectivity to be completed simultaneously.

Key Benefits

• The powerful, simple solution meant that Rapha could operate their business instantly irrespective of location, which provides peace of mind.
• Cost-effective solution with minimal start up costs, relative to a fixed broadband connection.
• Once the solution was implemented, it required no maintenance.
• The Cradlepoint IBR600 modem provided sufficient bandwidth to power seamless connectivity for all required business applications.
• The solution also catered to last-minute business decisions to extend the duration of pop-up stores or cancel pop-up stores with minimal impact to the business.
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