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Connected IOFailover

Case Study – Connected IO Failover Use Case

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Global Leader in 100% Centralised Cloud-Managed Security and SD-WAN Recommends Connected IO Products for Failover

Problem: Mission Critical Networks Can’t Afford Downtime and Disruption

Network downtime is a scenario that no enterprise wants to face; however, with primary Internet service providers offering only 99.5% availability—about four hours downtime monthly—the question isn’t if your Internet connectivity will go down, but when. According to Gartner, every hour of downtime typically costs an organisation $300,000 per hour. That’s why it is imperative to have a plan for business continuity in place.


Cisco Meraki MX, Z1 and Z3 security appliances provide seamless failover, protecting against ISP connection outages. In the event of a failover, the appliance’s built-in traffic prioritisation engine redirects flow and allocates capacity based upon your application’s needs, ensuring smooth network operation. Simply connect a Connected IO modem to the Cisco Meraki security appliance. Activate the modem’s SIM card through your carrier, and 4G LTE failover is configured automatically.


In contrast to wired failover solutions or redundant service, 4G LTE technology offers dependable, cost-effective connectivity. Connected IO 4G LTE programmable modems—trusted for always-on network connectivity—maximise uptime, ensure rapid deployment, provide cost-effective scalability, and are easy to manage, even with limited IT resources.

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