Enterprises use NetCloud Perimeter, a service that leverages Software-Defined Perimeter technology, to spin up virtual networks in the cloud that protect IoT devices.

These invitation-only overlay networks utilise a private address space, eliminating the need for routable IPs on the Internet and obscuring them from the reach of potential hackers. They also isolate IoT traffic from different devices and from trusted networks (example: keeping IoT devices off the corporate WAN).  The cloud is how Cradlepoint orchestrates, deploys, and manages its perimeter-secured overlays, which can reach anywhere across the Internet.

Key Features

  • Virtual APN: Works with or without a private APN.
  • Private IP Addressing: Devices cannot be reached from the Internet.
  • Block Inbound Traffic: Fully routable without a public/static IP or open inbound ports.
  • Micro-segmention: isolate devices from other devices and networks.
  • Access control: Invite-only authentication and admin-controlled access.

Product Order Number:

CP NC Perimeter

Invitation-Only Security

NetCloud Perimeter’s security foundation is a multi-layer, network-based approach to security that protects users, devices, and workloads wherever they are deployed. NetCloud Perimeter uses invitations to add users, ensuring only pre-authorized users or devices are added to the network. . And, all transactions are fully encrypted using the AES 256-bit standard encryption algorithm.  Because the virtual overlay network is effectively cloaked from underlaying untrusted networks, it is impervious to traditional address-borne attacks.  Further, machine-level authentication is designed for embedded devices like kiosks.

  • Multi-layer Authentication: device, virtual network, domain and certificate level
  • Micro-segmentation enables zero-trust WANs
  • End-to-end 256-bit encryption with device and X.509 certificate (PKI) authentication
  • Secure overlay through the abstraction of logical network and address space from the Internet
  • Private IP address space
  • Protect the edge from network-based attacks
  • Virtual overlay (cloud-based) network with micro-segmentation to isolate threats
  • No data stored in the cloud


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