Demo Kits

Libelium’s out-of-the-box demo kits have been created to address the most dynamic IoT verticals. There is also one evaluator kit to ensure you get started in as fast as possible. The vertical kits are factory programmed, include a visualisation plugin in Meshlium (only available in demo kits) and five hours of technical consultancy so that you can have a working demo just by powering on the devices.

The Meshlium visualisation plugin:

–  Enables the visualisation of  real-time data,
–  Shows measured data graphically between different time periods. It is possible to select, for example, the last week’s, or last
month’s data,
–  Compares different parameters in the same node, and check their historical evolution in a comparative way,
–  Geolocate the nodes via GPS and a communication module, and check in a visual map the data measured for each node.

It is possible to store data both in Meshlium’s internal database, and in an external database. Synchronising Meshlium with a company management platform or ERP allows for the easy export of all the data in different formats such as CSV, TXT, Excel.