The GTTS-2000Bi is an Iridium SBD battery powered modem for track and trace of assets globally using the Iridium satellite network. It is powered from an internal battery and includes an internal antenna, all integrated in an all-weather-proof housing.  The optional magnet mounting onto a (ferrous) steel surface will automatically activate the unit.  

The GTTS-2000Bi modem reports GPS location and speed at defined time intervals over Iridium SBD network to your pc/server.  The reporting time intervals are controlled by an integrated motion sensor which distinguishes driving/sailing from stand still. Reporting frequency and other settings are “Over The Air” reconfigurable.  The GTTS-2000B can send approximately 3650 messages from one battery.  If the GTTS-2000B is removed from the steel surface, it will send a tamper message and will switch itself off.

Key Features

  • Battery powered SBD modem
  • Up to 5 year life
  • Integrated GPS/Iridium
  • Optional mounting with magnets


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