The Maestro Heritage Analog Input/Pulse Counting Add-on Board is a bi-polar input ADC which seamlessly transmits data to GSM | GPRS | EDGE network without requiring costly and time-consuming changes to existing hardware or applications.

It provides cost-effective solutions for M2M applications which require continuous analog data transmission. Each digital input can be used as a 16 bits pulse counter and all I/Os can be programmed by AT command via serial port, SMS, TCP server and GPRS transparent link, as well as easy interfaced with customised software when needed.

With 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs and 4 analog inputs ports, Maestro Analog Add-on Board flexibly integrates with your existing industrial devices and provides «analog-to-wireless» solutions without requiring costly and time-consuming changes to the existing devices.

In a demanding M2M environment, data such as sound, light, motion, pressure and temperature always needs to be measured and manipulated in order to achieve complex projects. Maestro Heritage Analog Input | Pulse Counting Add-on Board is ideally developed for projects involving all these essential ingredients.

Key Features

  • 10 bits ADC resolution
  • Use as a 16 bits pulse counter
  • signal triggering on rising edge
  • standard input
  • Drive relay
  • Trigger alarm


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