The Heritage GPS Board HER020 (version 2) from Maestro Wireless Solutions provides a simple-to-use GPS solution offering less redundancy, lower power consumption, and cost savings.

It features a 32 channel receiver/baseband processor chipset operating in Autonomous and Assisted GPS (A-GPS) mode 8 Channel Tracking.

The HER020 version 2 offers dual serial ports and SMA connectors.

Key Features

  • 32 channel receiver/baseband processor chipset
  • Operates in Autonomous and A-GPS mode
  • -157 dBm sensitivity ensures position fix availability
  • Hot Start: Outdoors1: < 3 sec Indoors2: < 20 sec
  • <7m outdoor, <30m indoor typical
  • 110 mW power consumption whil etracking
  • 6 Input ports – Opto-Coupler
  • 2 Output ports – Opto-Coupler (Open Collector)
  • 4 Analog Inputs
  • Dual serial ports
  • sma connectors


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