The Heritage I/O Board from Maestro Wireless Solutions integrates I/O capabilities with wireless communications via SMS or GPRS.

It supports standard industry protocols such as Modbus RTU or DNP 3.0 protocol and is compatible with most SCADA server software or Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) that support these protocols. In addition to its own I/Os, the Heritage – I/O series unit is also a wireless gateway for external devices, making it a cost-effective, flexible, and powerful remote I/O and communications device.

Key Features

  • No fixed IP needed at remote site
  • Compatible with Modbus RTU and DNP 3.0 protocol and devices
  • Functions 1-6 are supported in Modbus RTU protocol mode and Level 1 functions in DNP3.0 mode
  • Digital inputs also act as counters, each with its own multiplying factor. Supports manual reset
  • Time-stamping of digital input events, accurate to 1ms, even in Modbus RTU protocol mode
  • Time synchronisation from SCADA server or telecommunications GSM | GPRS network
  • Programmable Modbus addresses for I/Os to suit different applications
  • Embedded firmware application upgradable in the field


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