Low Profile BGAN, the world’s first lay flat BGAN antenna, with exceptionally low power consumption for off-the-grid installations. This modem and antenna kit provides you with reliable, remotely controllable satellite connectivity over the Inmarsat BGAN network.

With simple set-up (no PC required), the Low Profile BGAN antenna also offers minimal adjustment of the antenna – simply lay it flat and point the arrow toward the satellite. (The antenna operates between 30°–60° elevation angle, but if necessary can be tilted from horizontal at greater elevations.)

Key Features

  • Auto-on/autocontext activation automatically restores power and Packet Data Protocol (PDP) connection to the unit following loss of power and/or IP connection
  • Remote control via SMS—allows command and control of the terminal using SMS, including configuration, debugging, and access to its Web interface
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Over the air firmware upgrades


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