Maxtena Helical antennas for Iridium are advanced and innovative antenna solutions for a variety of MSS and GNSS applications. Maxtena’s Helicore embedded antennas are the best performing and lightest helical solutions available. The patented Helicore technology offers both a weight advantage and performance advantage for the most demanding applications and environments. The antenna can be used for the Iridium network and can either be embedded or used externally with a device.

Maxtena helical antennas can get a signal in many different orientations compared to a block ceramic antenna. If the orientation of the GPS unit is not always toward the sky then one of the helical antennas will be the ideal choice as an antenna ground plane is not required.

We also offer a high-performance, very low profile Iridium patch antenna from Maxtena.
Compact and lightweight, this Iridium embedded antenna is one of a kind in the market.