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M2M Connectivity Newsletter July 2010

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July has been an eventful month with M2M Connectivity announcing distribution deals with Opengear and Radiocrafts. Opengear’s ACM5004-G console server and Radiocrafts’ Zigbee Smart Energy (SE) modules are products ideally suited  to meet anticipated M2M application trends.
The predicted growth of over 30% per year in the M2M market is attributed to low-cost M2M modules enabling a wide range of new network devices and business models with key applications including smart grid, meter reading and remote monitoring.
The Farnell white paper ‘Smart metering for electronic design engineers’ reports that smart metering is gearing up to be a truly transformative new technology and after years of being relatively static, the climate is now ripe for innovation in this area of electronics. Many businesses will be seeking their slice of this ‘new’ sector.
If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please contact us. Click here to request more information.
Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity

New Radiocrafts Zigbee Network Modules

The Zigbee Network Module (ZNM) range from Radiocrafts offers the complete ZigBee network protocol based on a ZigBee PRO compliant platform and includes support for the ZigBee Smart Energy profile (ZNM-SE).
The modules come with an easy-to-use API interface. Software stacks for 6LoWPAN, RF4CE and Wireless HART are also available from third parties and can be loaded onto the modules. The ZigBee-ready modules support Full Function Device (FFD) and Reduced Function Device (RFD) operation with IEEE 802.15.4 compliant PHY and MAC layers with a 250kbit/s data rate.
The compact shielded modules can be supplied with low or high power output (up to 20dBm) and provide line of sight coverage for distances up to 2.5 kilometres. They work on the 2400 MHz frequency which is licence free for Australia and New Zealand.
For more information on the Radiocrafts Zigbee Network modules please click here.

New Quake Iridium Q9602 SBD Modem

The new Quake Iridium Q9602 satellite data transceiver is a full-duplex short-burst data (SBD) modem designed for embedded applications in the rapidly growing market for remote asset tracking and monitoring solutions, leveraging Iridium’s global coverage and low-latency, two-way data links.
The Q9602 is approximately 30% cheaper and less than half the size of the Iridium Q9601 modem which it replaces. M2M Connectivity offer a complete range of antennas to suit this product.
For information on the Q9602 please click here.

End of Life Notice – connectBlue

M2M Connectivity would like to advise customers of the End Of Life of the following connectBlue products with confirmed orders to be placed by August 31, 2010 with last time delivery by the December 15, 2010.

 Device  Product Code  Replacement
Wireless LAN Ethernet Port Adapter cB-RWEPAgi cB-RWE231i
OEM Wireless LAN Serial Port Adapter Module cB-OWSPA311g
No replacement
No replacement

Engineering samples of the replacement products are available in September 2010 and full production ramp-up during November 2010 until February 2011.

Tech Tip – Open AT Application Management

What procedure do I need to follow to download and start my Open AT application?
This months’ tech tip covers how to download, start and control your own Open AT applications, or application’s included with your product like WIP-Soft for the Q268x, Q26EX, and Fastrack Xtend; or the GR-Soft for the
Q64 which replicates 88% of the existing GR64 AT Commands.
To download & start using your Open AT application, there are two commands you need to know – AT+WDWL & AT+WOPEN Commands.
AT+WDWL command switches the serial port to download mode, where your Open AT application will be downloaded using 1K-Xmodem protocol. Firmware versions R74 & above, UART2 & USB port also supports AT+WDWL command.
AT+WOPEN command performs start, stop, delete, configuration & gets
information Open AT application.
The basic download procedure is as follows:
1) AT+WDWL:   For windows machines, use Hyper Terminal & under
Transfer->Send Files choose 1K-Xmodem protocol.
2) AT+CFUN=1:   Resets the modem
3) AT+WOPEN=1:   Starts the application
4) AT+WOPEN=7:   Check your application running state, If it returns
with +WOPEN: 7,12 then your application was started successfully.
If you would like to delete your Open AT Application you need to first stop the application from running on the wireless CPU then delete it as follows:
1) AT+WOPEN=0:   Stops the application
2) AT+WOPEN=4:   Delete the application from the wireless CPU
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