The Open Garden platform consist of three different kits, each ready for a specific kind of agricultural scenario:
indoor (houses and greenhouses), outdoor (gardens and fields) and hydroponics (plants in water installations).

The platform allows the control the state of the plants by sensing several parameters:

–   Soil moisture (Indoor & Outdoor kits)
–   Temperature + Humidity + Light (All kits)
–   Water sensors: pH, Conductivity, Temperature (Hydroponics kit)

Then it uses different types of actuators to modify the state of the plants by irrigating them, or activating lights and oxygen pumps:

–   Water pump + Droppers for Drip Irrigation (Indoor kit)
–   Electro valve + Sprinkler for Sprinkling (Outdoor kit)
–   Oxygen Pump + Growing Light (Hydroponics kit)

The nodes periodically send the information to the Gateway, which uploads the data to a web server by using any of the available wireless interfaces (WiFi | GPRS | 3G).

Libelium has also designed a web application platform that allows users to store information in a database, which can then be viewed on a browser, or iPhone | Android device. This has been released as open source code for personal customisation.


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