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M2M Connectivity Newsletter August 2011

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M2M Connectivity



August has been a busy month for M2M. One of our main suppliers, Quake Global, has been visiting and updating us on some of their new products including a new Q-Pro rugged satellite modem integrated with Inmarsat Isat Data Pro. Telstra has launched its LTE network in limited areas with plans to expand rapidly in the coming 12 months and we are already working with several developers with the new Sierra Wireless LTE modules. If you have an interest in LTE integration please let us know. Telstra have formally approved the Q26EX NextG module and the approval will cover modems using this module including the Sierra Wireless Fastrack Xtend FXT003 and the Maestro Heritage 3G and this will help developers and integrators in their dealings with Telstra sales.
If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please contact us. Click here to request more information.
Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity

Product News

Sierra Wireless Q26EX Telstra Approval

Telstra Approved Q26 ExtremeSierra Wireless has confirmed the approval by Telstra of their Q26EX 3G module that is also used in the Maestro Heritage 3G modem and the Fastrack Xtend FXT003 3G modem as well as by many of our developers. The approved firmware is r7.45 and this will be appearing on modules and modems in the coming month. If you wish to upgrade units (for testing and roll-out) please contact us for guidance. Q26EX details here.
For developers using either the module or one of the modems this approval will help you to position your products within the Telstra Mobility Partner Program Device Search.

Quake Q-Pro New Models

Quake Q-ProIn October 2011 M2M will launch a new Q-Pro rugged modem integrated with Inmarsat Isat Data Pro giving customers an option to work over the Inmarsat-4 satellite network with its global reach. The Q-Pro configured for Isat Data Pro will download near real-time messages of up to 10,000 bytes to any device, and send up to 6,400 bytes from the device. Info here.
This increase in data packet size and transmission speed will support customer demands for higher data capacity and reduced latency in machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions. More on Q-Pro Inmarsat Isat Data Pro/GSM/GPS Modem here.
Quake have also announced an upcoming an Iridium/3G model that we believe will appeal to many customers looking to maximize data being sent over cellular but with the satellite back-up option. More on Q-Pro 3G/Iridium/GPS Modem here.
If you are interested in obtaining samples of either of these products as soon as they come available please email to let us know of your interest.

Radiocrafts RF Module Options

Zigbee Network Module (ZNM) - Smart Energy (SE)Zigbee ZNM-SE road map – Radiocrafts works with Texas Instruments on the Zigbee ZNM-SE roadmap. TI have multiple platforms for ZigBee Smart Energy. Radiocrafts uses the CC2530 SoC and the Z-Stack for RC2400-ZNM-SE has just had a new release covering SE 1.1 for CC2530.
The next step is to move to SEP 2.0. Today it is unclear exactly how much flash/RAM will be required. It is intended to fit into all “old” devices, but this is still to be seen.
TI primary platform today for SEP 2.0 is Stellaris MCU(Cortex) + CC2520 but TI is planning new SoCs optimized for SEP2.0 so if the new IP stack does not fit within CC2530, TI will supply new chip(SoC) and Radiocrafts will create pin compatible modules.
More Information on Radiocrafts here.

Finished Products – Raven XE, Vololink VA126

Sierra Wireless Raven XEThe Sierra Wireless Raven XE is a 3G Ethernet gateway built around the concept of always on connectivity. Multiple watchdogs periodically monitor and restore the 3G connection as required. The Raven XE is intended for applications including broadband connectivity, remote asset monitoring, telemetry and metering. Its low power consumption and rugged casing make it ideal for use in industrial environments.
One 10/100 Ethernet port, two I/O’s, a USB port that functions both as a virtual Ethernet or serial port, and interface routing provide additional flexibility. Comprehensive software tools streamline the process of remote device monitoring, reporting and management. The Raven XE supports a large number of communication interfaces and protocols and is perfectly suited to applications demanding reliable 3G communications over a mobile operator’s high-speed wireless network. More Raven XE details click here.
VoloAccess VA126 DC-HSPA+ RouterVololink is launching its VA126 high-speed router/gateway product. The VA126 uses the Sierra Wireless Dual Channel HSPA+ MC8801 inside providing high downlink speeds up to 42 Mbps (peak) making it a great 3G router for customers needing to download large amounts of data quickly.
More VA126 details click here.

OpenAT Training for Q, SL and FXT series

We have an Introduction Course in Sydney on 8 September for developers wishing to learn how to embed application software onto the Q and SL series modules and FXT modems for both GSM and 3G. There are still 2 spots free for this course so if you are interested let us know. If you are interested in attending the next training course in Sydney or wish to register for a future course and haven’t already registered an interest please register here.

M2M One SIM Card Development Kit

M2M One’s SIM Card Development Kit includes everything you need for connectivity to M2M One services.
SIM Development Kit includes:
– Three SIM Cards for 3 months use
– 150MB of data per month per SIM
– 50 SMS per month per SIM
– APNs for Internet Access and static IP
Visit M2M One here to sign up for a SIM Card Development Kit.

Tech Tip – AirLink Management Services

AirLink Management Services (AMS) is an off-the-shelf, hosted application tool that enables Sierra Wireless customers to quickly and easily deploy a remote management solution for their ALEOS powered AirLink gateways and routers. By leveraging a cloud-based platform, AMS enables users to manage 1 AirLink device or thousands from anywhere with an internet connection. More details about AMS can be found here.
AMS is available now with no cost and no obligation for 6-months. Please contact us if you are interesting in this offer.
Sierra Wireless recently posted an AirLink Management Training video on their YouTube channel here.

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