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M2M Connectivity Newsletter December 2011


December 2011

In 2011 we saw the growth of M2M Service Enablement Services with Sierra Wireless’s AirVantage as one of an increasing number of platforms on offer. M2M Connectivity responded to the introduction of M2M SIM cards and 3G Wireless Data services tailored specifically for M2M by launching M2M One. This service making it easier for customers to connect to the 3G network and accelerate testing and deployment. The most recent announcement of new standards for M2M embedded SIMs will call require changes that will affect virtually all cellular M2M provisioning as the market moves towards 4G.
We look forward to an equally exciting 2012, with new high speed 3G products and more satellite module/modem options on offer.  We feature in this end of year newsletter, the new RBE231 from connectBlue and the Q9602.
From myself and the team at M2M Connectivity, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please contact us. Click here to request more information.
Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity

Product News

Quake Q9602

Q9602The Q9602 is a short-burst data transceiver designed for use on the Iridium Satellite Network. This tiny two-way transceiver is perfect for use in applications for the rapidly growing M2M market, including remote asset tracking and monitoring solutions.
The Q9602’s very compact form factor and lower power consumption will offer great flexibility to solution developers as they design the module into their products. Their final product packages can be smaller and less obtrusive, a feature that will be attractive to end users.
A unique feature of the Iridium 9602 is its built-in GPS input/output ports which will permit system integrators to interface with an external GPS receiver, using a single dual-mode L-Band antenna for GPS and Iridium SBD, saving the cost of an antenna in their applications.
Also available is a Adaptor board which enables easy replacement of the Iridium Q9601 modem with the Q9602.  Smaller and cheaper, the Iridium Q9602 connects and communicates differently. Redesign can be avoided with the Q9602 fitting into the place of Q9601 with no extra development effort using the Adaptor Board.
At M2MConnectivity we supply the Q9602 module, the PCB adaptor board along with all the accessories like antennas and system connectors required to develop a solution around the Q9602 module.For more information about the Q9602, please click here.

Sierra Wireless’s Developer Zone

The Sierra Wireless Developer Zone assists developers to find resources, learn more and connect to other M2M developers.

This brand new website has a range of development tools and resources, new Developer Forum functionalities, and a LinkedIn group for networking with Open AT experts.  The Developer Zone aims to make developing M2M applications with Sierra Wireless technology easier and faster.

For information on the Sierra Wireless Developer Zone please see their latest newsletter by clicking here.

New connectBlue RBE231 Ethernet Port Adapter

cB RBE231Replace your ethernet cable with this robust and maintenance-free Bluetooth connection.The Bluetooth Rugged Ethernet Port Adapter RBE231 is suitable for tough applications with Intelligent Antenna™  and easy to use, install and configure.

Featuring Low Emission Mode™ which solves potential interference between Bluetooth and Wireless LAN that is not handled by Adaptive Frequency Hopping, the RBE231 is also a possible Bluetooth alternative to the Rugged Wireless LAN Ethernet Port Adapters.

For more information on the connectBlue RBE231 please click here.


connectBlue has announced coverage of the 5 GHz channels 36-140 compared to the previously used 36-48 channels. With the expanded channel range, connectBlue products now cover the U-NII-1, U-NII-2 and U-NII-2e bands (5.18-5.70 GHz).
The added frequency channels will be found in the connectBlue Wireless LAN UART Serial Port Module OWS451 and Wireless LAN SPI Module OWL253. Further, the connectBlue ready-to use Wireless LAN products that utilize these modules will also incorporate the expanded frequency channel range.

To read the latest connectBlue newsletter, please click here

Tech Tip

Tech Tip:  AirPrime SL80xx – USB Interface for firmware upgrades

The AirPrime SL80xx Embedded Module is a 74-pin soldered-down module.

We recommend to all our SL80xx developers to include a USB interface in the board so they can perform firmware upgrades with ease even if they only plan to communicate with the UART in normal operation. The USB interface can be simplified as test points/pins.

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