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M2M Connectivity Newsletter December 2013

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December 2013

Factors that have influenced the growing market for M2M solutions include the focus on Big Data and increasingly, the Internet of Things (IoT). The growth and use of M2M and IoT service enablement platforms has not waned and is set to continue with hardware becoming smaller and less costly. We will continue to see a proliferation of applications and the increasing use of smartphones and tablets at the edges of networks, even as wired networks and higher bandwidth cellular networks continue to grow. The use of efficient low data-rate M2M applications will continue to increase alongside rapid growth in higher bandwidth applications.
As this busy year comes to an end, we look forward to an exciting 2014 with new high speed 4G/LTE products, more satellite module/modem options and new application/services on offer.
From myself and the team at M2M Connectivity, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please click here.
Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity

Product News

Opengear ACM5504-5-L-I (W) LTE Gateway

Opengear ACM5504 Remote Infrastructure Management Gateway had received the Information Technology Industry’s 2012 World’s Best Award for Most Innovative IT Hardware.
The Opengear ACM5504-5-L-I deploys alongside distributed IT, network and power infrastructure, providing secure remote access over 4G LTE cellular network with fall back to Telstra 850 MHz (3G). The ACM5504-5-L-I offers true out-of-band management, proactive monitoring and smart automated response capabilities. The ACM5504-5-L-I enables complete and uninterrupted remote management for central operations staff, resulting in reduced need for expensive on-site technical visits, improving operational efficiency and minimising mean-time-to-repair.
For more information on the Opengear ACM5504-5-L-I, please click here.

Netgear AirCard 760S Hotspot

The new Netgear AirCard 760S mobile hotspot with 4G LTE service or connectivity offers enormous potential for mobile workers, travelers, or families looking to expand their Internet capabilities at home or on the go.
This second generation LTE mobile hotspot can connect with almost any WiFi device and can dock into an AirCard Hub to connect up to 20 devices through WiFi or Ethernet using the AirCard hub.
For more information on the Netgear AirCard 760S hotspot, please click here.

IDP SCADAconnect

SCADAconnect offers plug-and-play connectivity between remote SCADA sites and Enterprise systems for the oil and gas, utilities, heavy equipment and industrial automation markets.
The comprehensive solution using the Inmarsat IDP 680 provides a secure wireless communication link for efficient, low-latency periodic and exception-based reporting of real-time mission-critical data from remote sites—all while reducing the costs, development time and risks usually associated with remote SCADA connectivity implementations.
For more information on SCADAconnect, please click here.

NEW connectBlue Dual-mode Bluetooth Smart Ready Modem

The rugged Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter RBS421s from connectBlue is an easy-to-use Bluetooth dual-mode device that supports both Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy and can be used as a Bluetooth Smart Ready client for any host.
The RBS421s can connect to any Bluetooth low energy device, such as a sensor, to get access the device’s standard services or other implemented custom services. These Bluetooth low energy v4.0 services are based on the Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) and stipulate what type of task a Bluetooth device is to perform; for instance, a Battery Service or an Automation I/O Service.
The RBS421s can also be used in applications where a smart phone, tablet or laptop is to connect to a serial device, for example a PLC.
For more information on the RBS421s from connectBlue, please click here.

The M2M One 50kB and 100kB ultra-low plans

M2M One will have two new ultra-low use data plans available in January 2014. The 0.05MB (50kB) and 0.1MB (100kB) plans will fit applications that only communicate once in a while (e.g. panic button message sent via MQTT) and where data transmissions are highly optimised (e.g. location co-ordinates sent via UDP).
50kB use case example:
Data logger uploads a 50 byte packet
(e.g.12345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890) up to 1000 times per month (33 per day).
The new plans are among M2M One’s wide range of competitive and flexible data plans for M2M applications. M2M One also offers a wide range of reliable SIM cards and managed services for 2G/3G M2M devices. SIM card formats include Mini SIM, Industrial SIM (ruggedised), MicroSIM, and solderable SIM chip format.

Tech Tip

Tech Tip: Sierra Wireless MC7304 QMI support
Sierra Wireless MC7304 LTE supports QMI only (no support for Direct IP mode).
There are two ways to access QMI Qualcomm MSM/Modem Interface:
1. Migrate to Sierra QMI SDK and QMI drivers from Direct IP ones or
2. Migrate to QMI drivers only and use the modem port to use the module as a dial-up modem.
Customers who need MC7304 QMI drivers, watcher software and SDK, please contact M2M Connectivity.

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