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Monthly IoT Newsletter

M2M Connectivity Newsletter December 2015

M2M Connectivity Newsletter

M2M Connectivity Newsletter


2015 has seen M2M and IoT building momentum and truly transforming the way we work and live every day.
Perceived as a pivotal year for IoT, we have witnessed wide-spread global interest and its adoption across
virtually every industry.  The M2M / IoT outlook for the next year looks even better.  According to a recent
report by Gartner as many as 5.5 million devices will be connected every day in 2016.  The report predicts that
there will be 1 billion ‘cross-vertical’ things and 1.3 billion industry-specific things connected to the IoT next year.


This is an indication of how busy we have been this year and anticipate 2016 to be even busier.  Our offices will
be closed over the Christmas and New Year break after which we will launch into what will be an exciting 2016
with enthusiasm.  Details of our hours of operation over the break are in this newsletter.

From myself and the team at M2M Connectivity, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous
New Year.


If you would like further details on any item in this newsletter please click here to request more information.


Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity



Dual-modem Dock

NEW: Upper GNSS Band
+ L-band Antennas 


A dual-modem dock is now available for the COR IBR1100 in-vehicle networking router from Cradlepoint.

The dual-modem dock for the COR IBR1100 series provides flexibility in deployment with additional bandwidth or failover capability across multiple carriers.

Wireless-to-wireless failover ensures mission critical applications stay online when you need them the most. A second modem can also be used to augment bandwidth for applications like passenger WiFi, video or cloud access to ensure an ideal quality of experience.

Engineered for commercial vehicles and first responders, the modular design provides the ability to future proof as your network grows or newservices are developed.

For more information click here.


The TW2920 and TW2940 from Tallysman provide simultaneous reception of L-band correction signals and all of the upper band GNSS signals.

These Accutenna™ technology antennas cover GPS L1, GLONASS G1, BeiDou B1, Galileo E1, SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, & MSAS) and the down-link L-Band (1525 –1559MHz). The TW2920 and TW2940 provide superior multi-path signal rejection, a linear phase response, and tight Phase Centre Variation (PCV). These antennas are ideal for precision agriculture, autonomous vehicle tracking and guidance, and other applications where precision matters.

The TW2920 provides LNA of 28dB of gain and the TW2940 is available with a higher gain of 35dB LNA.  An OEM variant – TW2926 embedded GNSS antenna is also available.

For more information click here.

M2M One SIM Card Development Kit

IoT:  SCADA and
Industrial IoT

The traditional design of control systems such as SCADA have remained relatively unchanged as operational technologies and markets evolved to match real-time operation of networks.

SCADA, in use by large industries such as utilities, mass transit and manufacturing for automated remote monitoring and control of complex processes/systems, is evolving into the data focussed Industrial IoT (IIoT).  Value-adding to businesses,  IIoT looks to enhancing, integrating and scaling these systems.

A SIM card development kit from M2M One is offered with the M2M and IoT developer in mind.

M2M One has aligned with some of the worlds leading M2M & IoT hardware providers to offer special rates on connectivity to developers as well as a simple single price SIM card kitto get you started.

Offering 3 months of access and support for
AUD $90 (ex GST), the SIM card development
kit includes:

– Three M2M One SIM Cards with 150MB of Data
   per SIM per Month

– Connectivity and unrestricted access to
  Australia’s largest national mobile network

– Access to M2M One’s industry leading M2M
  Control Centre for deviceconnection 
  diagnostics, real time status reports,
  notifications and alerts.

For more information click here.

IIoT enables data sharing and aggregration for multiple applications enabling new business models.  Incorporating predictive and prescriptive analytics,  much more value can be derived from data collected by connected devices, thereby circumventing problems in advance and enhancing operational efficiency.

IIoT will improve SCADA with higher performance, lower latency, less proprietary, new connected devices.  Improvements will provide completely new levels of actionable insight in control, analytics and optimization through data connectivity between and beyond previously-bounded systems.

The push to increase connectivity and communication in SCADA systems not only leads to increased reach and use of SCADA systems but also increases the potential.

M2M Connectivity supplies devices to connect with SCADA and IIot.  Devices over 4G LTE, 3G, Satellite and other RF bearers.e.

Christmas Office Hours

M2M Connectivity will be closed over Christmas and the New Year.

M2M Office closes:
Wednesday, 23rd December, 2015 at 5pm  

M2M Office reopens:
Monday,  4 January, 2016 at 9am

For urgent inquiries during this period, 
please contact us by:
Email – or
Phone – 0415 567 585

Tech Tip

Tech Tip: GX400 GPIOs

Sierra Wireless GX400 (without IO-X card)
offers 1×GPIO and 5×GPIO when IO-X card
is installed.

These Digital IOs can be triggered via SMS. 
It requires the unit to be configured in control mode.  Once the unit is configured in SMS control mode, you need to send “relay x y” where x is digital IO and y can be 0 or 1.

Apart from controlling Digital I/O, you can also check status of GX400. (Send SMS “STATUS”).

The reset command will reset the device in 30 seconds after the SMS is sent to the unit (Send SMS “RESET”).

The command GPS replies with the current GPS location (Send SMS “GPS”).

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