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M2M Connectivity Newsletter February 2012

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M2M Connectivity


February 2012

M2M Connectivity is pleased to announce the launch of Immarsat’s BGAN M2M to our satellite M2M product range. The BGAN M2M modem delivers a global, IP-based, data service over the Inmarsat-4 (I-4) network which covers almost the entire globe and delivers dependable connectivity for business critical applications with network availability exceeding 99.9%.
BGAN M2M is ideal for users needing high levels of data availability and performance in permanently unmanned environments.  The system provides a fixed IP service with throughput speeds in excess of 100 Kbps both ways and is suited to high frequency, very low latency data reporting.
We also feature a new connectBlue low-energy module based on the latest the Bluetooth low energy SoC TI CC2540. Bluetooth low energy technology offers extremely long battery lifetime, fast connection times and interoperability.
If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please contact us. Click here to request more information.
Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity

Product News

Inmarsat BGAN 9502 M2M Terminal

BGAN 9502The Hughes 9502 BGAN M2M Terminal provides reliable connectivity over the Inmarsat BGAN for IP SCADA and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.
Considered the world’s most cost-effective, all-IP BGAN M2M satellite terminal, the Hughes 9502 has exceptionally low power consumption and delivers affordable, global, end-to-end IP data connectivity to power-challenged locations that rely upon solar battery arrays involving sensitive power budgets.
The 9502 BGAN M2M terminal is ideal for applications in industry sectors such as environmental monitoring, SmartGrid, pipeline monitoring, compressor monitoring and well site automation.
For more information on the Inmarsat BGAN 9502 M2M modem, please click here.

cB OEM Bluetooth Low Energy Module – OLP425

The cB OLP425 is a Bluetooth low energy single-mode platform module.  It is easy to add on extras including a batter holder, temperature sensor, accelerometers and other sensors. The Ti embedded processor on the module makes the OLP425 a complete stand-alone product, with no additional hardware required. The OLP425 module is fully radio type approved for Europe, US and Canada.

Watch an OLP425 Demo on YouTube to See the Possibilities of Bluetooth Low Energy Technology here.

For more information on the cB OLP425 low energy module click here.

Maestro Heritage HER020 (v.2)

HER020(v.2)The Maestro Heritage 2G or 3G/NextG Heritage transforms into multi-technology GPS gateways with the add-on board HER020 (v.2).
This GPS board turns the modem into a simple to use GPS solution offering less redundancy, lower power consumption and cost savings.  The HER020 (v,2) features a 32 channel receiver/baseband processor chipset operating in Autonomous and Assisted GPS (A-GPS) mode 8 Channel Tracking.  The HER020 version 2 also offers dual serial ports to connect other devices such as a Garmin device or a satellite communications module to extend coverage.
For more information on the Heritage GPS Board please click here.

M2M One Control Centre

Are you looking for M2M SIM cards and a solution to monitor and diagnose your SIMs?
M2M One not only provides businesses with M2M SIMs and competitive data rates tailored to suit any M2M application – each customer gets access to the M2M One Control Centre where you can monitor, identify, and organize SIMs in a way that suits your business.
Within the Control Centre you can view comprehensive SIM information, including:

*  SIM Identity (Serial number, Phone number, IMSI, …)
*  Custom fields to record hardware identity (Device name, IMEI, Firmware, Location of installation, …)
*  IP connection status (current session state, IP address, and session history)
*  Month to Date Data Usage (Current usage, and historical data use)
*  Value Added Services settings (if applicable, IPX static IP address, …)
*  Data Plan and SMS Usage
M2M One is a leading Australian provider of M2M SIM cards, GPRS/3G data plans, and value added services for the Machine to Machine (M2M) industry. Learn more about M2M One here.

Tech Tip

Quake RawCAN Interface

Quake provides a number of facilities to access data on the CAN (Controller Area Network)bus.

The processor module implements the physical layer, and supports both CAN 2.0 A and B.  Low level driver modules in the foundation
code provide an interface to the hardware.
The driver code allows transmission and reception of RAW CAN
frames.  None of the low level driver code is directly accessible to the applications.

Quake provides application access to CAN data via software in the form of archives which execute from the user space.  This archive software interfaces with the foundation code to receive and transmit the RAW CAN frames from the foundation.   It also provides functions to filter the data sent to the application and a uniform interface to the application for all CAN data.

Archives have been implemented to support the J1939 protocol (, the CANopen protocol (,and RAW CAN data.

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