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Monthly IoT Newsletter

M2M Connectivity Newsletter February 2016

M2M Connectivity Newsletter


We’re witnessing Australia’s rapid M2M / IoT growth this year, with the development of smart city strategies in Adelaide and the Sunshine Coast, (among others) and the launch of an IoT hub in Sydney. 

The use of sensors, transport technology, smart metering and improved wi-fi services are just a small segment of this ever-expanding sector. The trade-off? Concerns around Information Security protocols, along with a greater emphasis on how this wealth of cloud data will be managed, prioritised and put to good use.

The advent of Edge/Fog Computing offers some reduction of data volume and will improve QoS.
Its scalability and ability to filter less-useful data from M2M devices will improve reaction times in time-critical situations. Telstra has also announced their IoT LTE Cat 1 platform, which will provide a foundation for IoT growth. Cat 1 will be closely followed by the introduction of both Cat-M which will increase coverage and reduce device cost, and ultimately Narrow Band-IoT (NB-IoT) which is a major new breakthrough in IoT standards. 

While our cities look forward, we were sent a timely reminder of the benefits of ensuring we have contingencies in place, when we experienced an unplanned network outage that left thousands of critical devices off-line for an extended period of time. M2M Connectivity has a range of devices to provide secondary SIM fall back to ensure business continuity in the event of any unplanned outages.

If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please contact us. 

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Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity



Dual SIM Benefits

Cradlepoint AER3100


If the network outage this month taught us anything, it was a valuable lesson about the benefits of a second SIM failover feature.

A key feature of the Cradlepoint AER3100 is that it supports both dual SIM, and also two radios (4 SIM in total) providing an extra level of failover security.

As an advanced edge routing solution, Cradlepoint’s AER3100 combines cloud-management, advanced security (UTM), WAN Diversity, industry leading 4G LTE failover, high performance WiFi, and dual modem capabilities for deployment versatility when wired lines are unavailable.

For more information click here.
2G Shutdown Alternatives

Maestro M100 3G


Facing a 2G hardware changeout? With the advent of the nationwide 2G shutdown, many companies will be looking for an alternative 3G solution. 


M2M Connectivity has some great solutions for people looking for serial RS232/RS485 2G device replacements. The Maestro M100 3G (of the M100 Series) is the perfect partner for demanding M2M applications.  


Ultra compact and fully featured, the M100 3G can be easily integrated into any industrial machine – from electricity meters to intrusion alarms, or vending machines. The M100 3G modems are fully type approved, making them immediately usable worldwide, and the perfect devices to use in any projects facing tough conditions or extended lifetime requirements.

For more information click here.

Network Provider Frequencies




2G – 900Mhz (This frequency is being re-farmed for LTE and will no longer be available to 2G devices from December 1st 2016)

3G – 850Mhz/2100Mhz (For the best coverage 850Mhz is a must-have!)
4G/LTE – Telstra currently operates 5 frequencies for LTE these are listed below. The critical frequencies for all M2M/IoT applications are B3 & B28

  • B1 – 2100Mhz
  • B3 – 1800Mhz (Must have for M2M/IoT)
  • B7 – 2600Mhz
  • B8 – 900Mhz
  • B28 – 700Mhz (Must have for M2M/IoT)




2G – 900Mhz (This frequency is being re-farmed for LTE and will no longer be available to 2G devices from April 1st 2017)

3G – 900Mhz / 2100Mhz
4G/LTE – Optus currently operates 6 frequencies for LTE these are listed below. The critical frequencies for all M2M/IoT applications are B3 & B28

  • B1 – 2100Mhz
  • B3 – 1800Mhz (Must have for M2M/IoT)
  • B7 – 2600Mhz
  • B8 – 900Mhz
  • B28 – 700Mhz (Must have for M2M/IoT)
  • B40 – 2300Mhz




2G – 900Mhz

3G – 900Mhz/2100Mhz
4G/LTE – Vodafone currently operates 3 frequencies for LTE these are listed below. 
The critical frequencies for all M2M/IoT applications are B3 & B5

  • B3 – 1800Mhz (Must have for M2M/IoT)
  • B5 – 850Mhz (Must have for M2M/IoT)
  • B8 – 900Mhz
Network Switching 

Vera Phase® byTallysman

Sierra Wireless MC and EM modules 

The MC74xx and EM74xx module variants allow device manufacturers to store up to three different firmware variants on-board, simplifying logistics and supply chain management.


The PCI Express M.2 form factor allows easyintegration into smaller and thinner devices. Optimised for low power consumption,the EM and MC Series’ are ideal for today’s mobile computing, networking, and industrial IoTapplications. 

Using the MC and EM Series you can also leverage the power of global 4Gnetworks (including LTE Advanced), withautomatic fallback to 3G networks, depending on the module variant.
GNSS tracking lets you locate, monitor, and deploy location-based applicationsand services with module variants supporting GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileosatellite systems.  

You can update firmware, manage applications, and utilise product data over-the-air on both module variants with AirVantage® cloud connectivity.

For more information click here.

M2M One 






Are you having issues with your current SIM provider? M2M One offer flexible data plans, real-time SIM management and dedicated M2M technical support. All utilising Australia’s largest mobile network provider.
Did you know M2M One offers a 30 Day Free Trial SIM to M2MC customers?
The trial SIM provides:

  • 150MB of Data
  • 50 SMS Messages
  • M2M Control Centre Access

For more information about M2M One SIM cards and data plans click here.


Tallysman ® Geodetic Antenna 

Tallysman® is pleased to introduce their truly cutting-edge high-precision antenna family.


•  VP6200 is the best survey-grade antennacovering Bl/B2, GPS Ll/L2, G l/G2, E 1, plus L-band


•  VP6300 is the best triple-band antenna covering B l/B2, GPS Ll/L2/L5, G l/G2/ G3,plus El/ESa+Sb.


•  VP6000 the best, highest-accuracyreference antenna covering all GNSSfrequencies plus L band.


Tallysman’s patented Vera Phase® technology, provides the lowest axial ratiosacross all frequencies from horizon to horizon(<2.0dBic), strong interference rejection,extremely tight phase centre variation, and ahighly linear Low Noise amplifier. Vera Phaseantennas are light and compact, with either aflat or a conical radome.


These truly offer superb performance at a competitive price point.  

For more information click here.


 Building for the IoT 


M2M Connectivity and M2M One in Dev Diner Interview

This month, our Design Services Manager Bill Zhou (along with M2M One General Manager James Mack,) spoke with Patrick Catanzariti from Dev Diner

They spoke at length about the future of IoT, the benefits of Libelium Software Developer Kits, and exactly how M2M Connectivity support IoT developers by assisting them through the building process.

Read the full interview here.
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