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M2M Connectivity Newsletter January 2015

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January 2015

Welcome to M2M Connectivity’s first newsletter for 2015. This looks to be the year in which the foundation is laid to realize the potential of the IoT. This critical groundwork includes the building of IoT solutions through partnerships, bundled solutions, emerging IoT standards, open-source development tools and platforms and network technologies for M2M.

M2M network technologies continue to evolve. Although 3G is all pervasive, 4G/LTE is recognised as the new standard of excellence.  Many M2M customers deciding on which technology to use are looking to invest in 4G/LTE which has the most potential to facilitate communications for M2M deployments for the next decade and beyond.

The next-generation Sierra Wireless AirLink® gateways for 4G/LTE networks has been launched and we feature these new products in this newsletter.

If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please contact us. Click here to request more information

Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity

Product News

LTE: NEW Sierra Wireless
AirLink ES450

The AirLink® ES450 is a reliable, secure 4G LTE gateway designed to connect the distributed enterprise.

Supporting LTE frequencies 2100/1800/2600/900/800, the ES450 delivers
mission-critical 4G LTE connectivity either asa
primary connection or as a failover solution to protect against landline failure.

The ES450 LTE enterprise gateway provides broadband connectivity for POS devicesand other business critical equipment.

The ES450 together with AirVantage® Management Service (AVMS),
offers a one-stop solution to provision devices, monitor cellular data usage, and remotely maintain softwareversions and configurations.

For more information about the Sierra Wireless AirLink ES450, please click here.

LTE: NEW Sierra Wireless
AirLink GX450

TheAirLink® GX450 is a rugged, secure mobile gateway designed to deliver mission-critical communications for in-vehicle applications.

Supporting LTE frequencies 2100/1800/2600/900/800, the GX450 extends
broadband connectivity to a wide rangeof devices and applications. It also
extends the enterprise network and management to cover the fleet, ensuring reliable, secure  broadband data access for mobile usersin the field.

Providing remote management, monitoring and administering of fleets, the GX450
with AVMS also supports over-the-air device registration, configuration and software updates. Dashboards display up-to-date views of the entire fleet, and custom reports can be
set-up to monitor critical events and prevent downtime.

For more information about the Sierra Wireless AirLink GX450, please click here.

NEW: NV08C-RTK GNSS Receiver

The NV08C-RTK from NVS Technologies AG is a fully integrated multi-constellation satellite navigation receiver with embedded RTK functionality.

The NV08C-RTK’s key feature is its full compatibility with GPS, GLONASS and future global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) GALILEO and BeiDou. NV08C-RTK device is specifically designed for use in high accuracy applications, demanding low cost, low power consumption, small form factor and uncompromised performance.

For more information on the NV08C-RTK receiver from NVS Technologies AG, please click here.

Tallysman TW2410 GPS/GLONASS Antenna

Compatible with the NV08C-RTK receiver, the TW2410 is a GNSS antenna covering the GPS L1, GLONASS G1 and SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS & MSAS) frequency band.

Designed specially for precision industrial, agricultural and military applications, the TW2410 antenna offers excellent circular polarized signal reception, multipath rejection and out of band signal rejection. It is ideal for use in Precise Point Positioning (PPP) systems which require only a single frequency.

For more information about the Tallysmans TW2410 GPS / GLONASS Antenna, please click here.

NEW: Iridium Satellite 9602N

The new Iridium 9602N was designed to be a drop-in replacement for the previous Iridium 9602 SBD product.

This is a significant revision that takes advantage of a more sophisticated and integrated RF and digital architecture that will be used for new products developed to support new services on the Iridium NEXT constellation.   The improved radio on the new Iridium 9602N SBD transceiver requires new FCC and IC identifications.

Engineering samples of the 9602N for migration from EOL 9602 are available now.  Commerical availability is expected in March, 2015.

For information on the 9602N samples and commerical units, please contact M2M Connectivity.

IoT: NEW Libelium Hydroponics and Aquaponics Sensor Platforms
for Arduino

Libelium’s new sensor platforms, Open Garden and Open Aquarium, automate control and maintenance tasks in gardens and aquariums through wireless connectivity and using open source APIs.

Designed for IoT device Makers, the new IoT solutions are based on Arduino, and include specialized sensors to measure parameters vital to aquatic life in ponds and fish tanks, or for indoor & outdoor gardening.

Libelim’s Open Garden and Open Aquarium have been nominated for the best Open Source Project in the 4th Annual IoT Awards.

For more information on Libelium’s Open Garden sensor platform,
click here.
For more information on the Open Aquarium sensor platform,
click here.

Tech Tip

Tech Tip:     Sierra Wireless MC8704 boots up as

A user using Sierra Wireless minicard development kit may experience an issue where MC8704 boots up as QSHUSB_DLOAD device.
This is because UART pins from development kit are connected to the modem.

To configure Sierra Wireless development kit for MC8704, change DIP Switch SW1 positions 6, 7, 8, and 9 to disable position. Ensure the Sierra Wireless minicard development kit is powered off before these changes are made.

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