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M2M Connectivity Newsletter January 2016

M2M Connectivity Newsletter

M2M Connectivity Newsletter





Welcome to a new year, one of positive change and growth for M2M / IoT. Australian startups are set to benefit from the federal government’s $1 billion funding of innovation and science. The government’s comprehensive policy framework for innovation
looks to run the gamut of early stage, publicly funded research through to commercialisation.

This announcement follows a recent major research report, “Enabling the Internet of Things for Australia”, from the
Communications Alliance IoT Think Tank. The report outlines a pathway to ensuring that Australia can harness the benefits of IoT.
While acknowledging Australia’s good fundamental IoT capabilities, it recommends increased industry and government focus to
give Australia the opportunity of an IoT competitive advantage and global market leadership. A potential upside impact worth up
to $116 billion to the Australian economy by 2025 is at stake. Industry verticals highlighted include mining, agriculture, transport
and telecommunications as sectors where IoT based development can have greatest impact and where Australia has an
opportunity to develop world leading expertise.

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Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity



NV08C-RTK + Heading
GNSS Receiver


TW125B Wideband Inline
GNSS Amplifier

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 The NV08C-RTK-A is a receiver for RTK and Heading Applications from NVS Technologies AG.

The NV08C-RTK-A is fully integrated multi-constellation satellite navigation receiver with embedded RTK functionality.

The key feature of the NV08C-RTK-A is its full compatibility with GPS, GLONASS and future global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) GALILEO and BeiDou. Specifically designed for use in high accuracy applications, the NV08C-RTK-A is ideal for construction, mining and industrial use, structural and environmental engineering, control & automation, robotics and more

THE NV08C-RTK-A offers low cost and low power consumption in a small form factor with uncompromised performance.

For more information click here.

 Tallysman’s TW125B is specially designed to amplify all GNSS frequency signals, from

This new wideband 28dB inline amplifier featureslow cost, rugged, waterproof design with low noise, low current/low voltage on 1 to 2 GHz band.

The TW125B provides for much longer cable runs from antenna to receiver, for applications such as mast-mount, large vehicle and timing systems, without degradation of system sensitivity.

Low loading allows for both the antenna and the TW125B inline amplifier to be powered by the GNSS receiver. The amplifier adds just 12mA of load on the circuit and as it passes DC supply to the antenna, so that additional hardware such as bias-T,power cable and power supply are not required. The amplifier is available with TNC, N-Type, or SMA connectors.

For more information click here.

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LTE: Raven RV50


IoT:  Waspmote LoRa

The Raven RV50 LTE industrial gateway from Sierra Wireless offers the lowest power consumption of any LTE industrial gateway. This gateway provides reliable connectivity for the most demanding remote applications, even when solar panels are the only available source of power.

The RV50 is an ideal migration path for cost-effective upgrade to 4G LTE technology for industrial IoT applications, while providing additional functionality to enable new solutions.

Offering SIM-based network operator switching – just insert the SIM into the gateway and it automatically configures the new network settings, the RV50 includes the ALEOS Application Framework (AAF), a powerful embedded programming environment for on-board data gathering, real-time data processing and alert generation.

Sierra Wireless’s cloud management solution, AirLink Management Service (ALMS). provides remote device management for the RV50.

For more information click here.

Libelium Waspmote, an open and versatile IoT platform, is a great way to implement Internet-connected sensor networks for IoT and wireless sensor network applications. 

Libelium has added long-range wireless coverage to Waspmote sensor nodes, by integrating Semtech’s LoRa™ RF technology in a new module-on-a-chip embedded radio design for Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT) deployments.

Libelium’s LoRa module works in both 868 and 900 MHz ISM bands.  As the 868 and 900 MHz frequency bands are lower than the popular
2.4 GHz band, the path loss attenuation is better in LoRa and with fewer interference experienced.

Designed to deploy by the thousands, Waspmote sensor nodes connect any sensor using LoRa communication protocol to any Cloud system. LoRa extends wireless connectivity so that data can be transmitted at distances of several miles, even through buildings, and over 20 miles in open spaces.

LoRa is also available in Libelium’s Plug & Sense! – a ready to use unit in waterproof enclosure.

Libelium’s sensors are the world’s first hardware devices to pass the LoRa Alliance’s “LoRaWAN Certification Program”.

For more information click here.

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 M2M One SIM Card Development Kit

M2M One’s SIM card development kit is ideal for the M2M and IoT developer.

M2M One has aligned with some of the worlds leading M2M & IoT hardware providers to offer special rates on connectivity to developers as well as a simple single price SIM card kit to get you started.

The SIM card development kit provides 3 months of access and support for AUD $90 (ex GST), and includes:

  • Three M2M One SIM Cards with 150MB of Data per SIM per Month
  • Connectivity and unrestricted access to Australia’s largest national mobile network
  • Access to M2M One’s industry leading M2M Control Centre for device connection diagnostics, real time status reports, notifications and alerts.
M2M One also offers a 30 Day Free trial SIM.
The trial SIM provides:

  • 150MB of Data
  • 50 SMS Messages
  • M2M Control Centre Access

For more information about M2M One SIM cards and data plans click here.


 Tech Tip: SkyWave Hybrid Modems

SkyWave IDP-782
Tech Tip: SkyWave hybrid modems – IDP-782 and SG-7100.

In critical applications, for a fast fail over satellite, SIN29 PIN 47 can be set to True.

In the case the terminal is on edge of the cellular coverage (in and out), the fail over is controlled by acknowledgement waiting period which is 5 sec then it will immediately fail over to satellite.

The IDP-782 dual-mode terminal provides vehicle tracking, driver monitoring and communication for fleet management applications. More here.

The SG-7100 is a compact, flexible, and robust M2M communications platform for the efficient and cost-effective collection of actionable data intelligence over cellular networks. More here.

SkyWave SG-7100
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