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M2M Connectivity Newsletter July 2013

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July 2013

Beecham Research’s report, ‘Application Intelligence & Connected Devices: Harnessing The Value’, identifies new trends with the rise of an M2M ecosystem converging with big data and cloud computing.  New trends include application intelligence and security for connected devices at the network edge.
The report predicts that more real time decision making, data analysis and data storage will be required at the network edge, including other aspects such as device security and data protection.  With further complementary data processing required at the data center for wider sharing, the network traffic is expected to increase substantially beyond current levels.
If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please contact us. Click here to request more information.
Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity

Product News

Special Developer Offer –
Q-Puck Iridium Serial modem and Cable

The Quake Q-Puck Iridium Serial modem is finally here. 
To help our developers start testing with this exciting new product we have an offer available for August 2013.
Developers can buy 1 x Q-Puck modem and cable (select either 1.5m or 5m length) for a special price of $400 + GST .  The normal price for <100 pieces is $520 ex GST
To place your order please use the order code:
Q DK QPuck 1.5  or  Q DK QPuck 5.0

and send through to M2M Connectivity for processing.

If you haven’t already done so please complete the Quake NDA (Call us for this if needed) and we can provide full technical support and documentation to help get your application working quickly.
For more information on the Quake Q-Puck, please click here.

Sierra Wireless AirLink Fastrack FX100 HSPA+

The Sierra Wireless AirLink™ Fastrack Xtend FX100 HSPA+ programmable gateway provides a highly extendable platform for the creation of a wide range of M2M solutions on 3G/NextG/HSPA.
The FX100 modem features integrated GPS (GPSExtra), memory and processor to host your applications (using OpenAT). Fastrack FX100 comes with both RS232 and USB interfaces, and provides twin antenna connections supporting RX diversity for 3G models as well as a separate connection for GPS.  The modem is powered via an external power supply (240 v or DC).
For more information on the Fastrack Xtend FX100, please click here.

NEW Globalstar SmartOne Serial Cable

The SMARTONE uses the I/O port for unit configuration as well as interface to remote passive and smart sensors. Two commands are provided in the unit interface to support smart sensors.
External sensors that can format and communicate to the SMARTONE can send user data through the SMARTONE by using these two commands.
The new cable’s part number is 2030-0265-04.
The Globalstar SmartOne LP (line-powered) is designed for the intelligent management of powered and non- powered fixed and mobile assets. It is a practical solution for tracking asset location, reporting unauthorized movement, engine runtime reporting and major fault monitoring as well as a multitude of other applications. Users can track intermediate bulk containers, vehicles and boats as a solution to improve your assets operating efficiency and security.
For more information on the Globalstar SmartOne, please click here.

New connectBlue tutorials –
WLAN & Bluetooth Low Energy

connectBlue have a comprehensive video tutorial library on their You Tube Channel covering Bluetooth, WLAN, Zigbee technologies and instructions on how to get started.  To view new additions to their library click on the headings:
WLAN tutorial:
Getting Started: WLAN module
How to get started with a WLAN module using the Wireless LAN UART Serial Port Module OWS451, a Starter Kit and the Serial Port Adapter Toolbox program.
Bluetooth tutorial:
Classic or low energy Bluetooth – the differences
A quick introduction to the differences between Classic Bluetooth technology and Bluetooth low energy technology, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, Bluetooth 4.0, use case differences and product examples.
Bluetooth Demo:
Bluetooth Low Energy Serial Port Service
A demonstration of the connectBlue Low Energy Serial Port Service that is used for replacing serial cables or accessing UART devices using Bluetooth low energy.
For more information about connectBlue products, please click here.

Tech Tip

Tech Tip:  Radiocrafts TinyMesh
TinyMesh is a powerful multi-hop mesh protocol with bidirectional wireless communication for control and monitoring of individual nodes. The network data packages are 120 byte. The protocol is transparent and may carry application layers like for instance Wireless M-Bus (European norm), MODBUS, DLMS/COSEM and KNX RF.
To understand how TinyMesh works as a powerful tool for remote management, and for a quick start with TinyMesh view the following tutorials here.
1. Introduction to TinyMesh part 1
2. Introduction to Tiny Mesh part 2
3. Introduction to TinySolution cloud platform
4. A practical TinyMesh network demo
5. How to configure a TinyMesh device
6. How to configure serial port communication in Transparent Mode
7. How to configure serial port communication in Packet Mode
8. How to do digital output control
9. How to do digital dimming control

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