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M2M Connectivity Newsletter June 2016

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AI and machine learning have been around for some time, but in recent months they have been gathering speed as the new technology to watch.
As the IoT grows and develops, (and more devices become interconnected)it is producing larger sets of data, which naturally leads to more information than human minds can process.

Cue the entrance of machine learning. Its edge on the usual processing system is that rather than simply following commands, it is able to filter and learn from incoming data – learning from experience, and testing out new solutions.

Many of our everyday IoT interfaces are already using algorithms like these, particularly retail and customer-facing programs such as music providers or online stores.

Although it is already integrated into the IoT to some extent – like the IoT – users must ensure that they have concrete objectives when implementing more advanced algorithms. Many IoT devices already offer the deep learning benefits of recognising when industrial machinery is going to require maintenance, or what constitutes “regular” behaviour vs. anomalies.

The value lies in setting strict boundaries with implementation – careful labelling of data, checking and managing behaviour, and setting clear objectives to ensure your devices are sending you the most valuable and reliable data.

M2M Connectivity works with a number of leading cellular brands provide dual SIM and failover solutions as well as working on solutions to provide cellular with failover to satellite – please contact us if this is of interest.

Darren Moroney, General Manager, M2M Connectivity


SIGFOX Ultra Narrow Band High Power RF Module For Au/NZ Now Available

Radiocrafts have launched their new RC1692HP-SIG module, the first SIGFOX module designed and pre-certified for the AU/NZ/US market standard.

This is one of the first hardwares available to support a new generation of narrow-band IoT technologies and is ideal for developers interested in low power wide area communications.

Thinxtrathe SIGFOX network operator for ANZ, is offering one free developer connection to the SIGFOX network for the first module sale to each developer during July!

Contact us for more information on this product.


Sierra Wireless RV50 / MP70 Industry Update

Are you currently running high-performance, mission-critical SCADA 
Solar Power, Oil and Gas, Transport, Environmental Monitoring or Utility Metering applications? 

Perhaps you still have 2G Raven products in the field and want to know 
more about legacy replacements?

View the Sierra Wireless June 2016 Airlink Update here for more information.

Contact us for more information on this product.




Sendum Temperature Probes

Sendum offers a range of temperature probes for the PT300 Tracking System that combine high accuracy and rugged construction.
We now have a range of sensors to measure from:

  • BFA10093/94 Refrigerator Temperature Probe (-35 to +30°C/-31 to +86°F)
  • BFA10110/11/19 Dry Ice Temperature Probe (-75 to -85°C/-103 to -121°F)
  • BFA10109/13 Cryogenic Temperature Probe (-100 to -196° C/-148 to -320°F)

Please contact us for more information on this service.


Cobham EXPLORER 540 Dual Mode BGAN M2M & Cellular Terminal

As the world’s first BGAN M2M terminal designed to operate on both Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) and cellular 2G/3G/LTE networks, EXPLORER 540 delivers always available connectivity for critical monitoring and control applications.

The BGAN M2M service uses Inmarsat BGAN to provide a reliable, global, two-way IP data service. It is designed to connect monitoring and control applications in remote, unmanned locations, providing visibility and management of those assets.

By combining BGAN M2M with cellular connectivity in the same terminal, EXPLORER 540 gives users the opportunity to choose the best carrier for any location. EXPLORER 540 is the only Inmarsat BGAN M2M terminal to offer dual mode operation, which provides unique flexibility and M2M data communication cost-control, as it ensures the most cost-effective communication service can be chosen depending on location.

Securing continuity of M2M IP data transfer, which often originates in hard to reach, remote locations, dual-mode operation delivers significant failover capabilities with automatic switching between BGAN and cellular networks.
For organisations transferring critical real-time data within their M2M networks, EXPLORER 540’s dual mode can provide unmatched service availability.

The terminal is well-suited for bespoke M2M solutions such as IP SCADA for data backhaul, asset tracking, real-time surveillance and remote telemetry.

Contact us for more information on this product.


                       Product Update – Network-Approved Modules

The Sierra Wireless MC7430, EM7430 and HL7549 have all attained Telstra approval. All three modules support Telstra’s 700Mhz (B28) 4GX network, and are now available in stock for testing.

Contact us for more information on this product.


The benefits of the Jasper SIM versus the standard 3G SIM

The Telstra Control Centre (Jasper) allows you to take control of your fleet by providing you with connection diagnostics, real time usage and status reports, notifications and alerts for your device.

Features include, but are not limited to:

  • Set up alerts to keep you up to date on your usage for the month
  • Monitor SIM usage and adjust data plans at any time if needed
  • Diagnostic tools will tell you exactly where a SIM is failing
  • Historical session information lets you pinpoint issues
  • Store additional device information using custom fields
  • View Information like data plan & configuration details
  • Monitor aggressive SIM behaviour like multiple session attempts to assist with fault diagnosis
  • Send an SMS directly to your device from the control centre
  • Utilise M2M Connectivity CSD/IP emulation application

What are the key considerations and impacts of migration from CSD to IP?

1. 2G Network closure date of 1st December 2016 does not allow sufficient time to rollout a fully commissioned IP Network on 3G to replace the current 2G CSD solution.

2. If you do not change out 2G modems to 3G modems, then devices will have “No Service” when the 2G network is shutdown on 1st December 2016.

Modem options and compatibility

M2M Connectivity has developed a turnkey solution to emulate CSD over IP for the many legacy 2G M2M devices currently using CSD. The M2M Connectivity solution can set up an IP session on the 3G network that emulates the current 2G CSD call without requiring changes to back-end systems. The CSD/IP emulation solution incorporates the Netcomm NTC 3000 3G Modem providing a degree of future-proofing, by ensuring the CSD emulation is provided over the 3G network with longer life.

Current known scope for replacement – Which services will be migrated and when?

The CSD/IP emulation solution provides a two-staged approach to migrate up to a full 3G IP network into the near future.

Stage 1: Changeover all 2G modems to the NTC3000 3G Modems running the CSD emulation application. This first stage provides a 3G solution, without needing to update the customers own back-end system that is currently supporting CSD to collect the data. The 2G modems MUST be swapped out before the 2G Network closure on 1st December 2016.

Stage 2: Rollout a full 3G IP Network in a suitable timeframe post-the 2G Network Closure.

Once the IP Network has been commissioned then the NTC3000 3G modems can be reconfigured OTA to support an IP connection without the CSD emulation application.

The CSD/IP emulation rollout is subject to:

  • Detailed Assessment of current architecture to determine the suitability of the solution
  • 3G Network coverage, site and network audit
  • Confirm the NTC3000 3G modem is compatible to integrate into the Network

Successful completion of a trial with the NTC3000 NTC modems connected to your devices and connecting back into your CSD backend via Telstra 3G Network.

Testing and support arrangements

M2M Connectivity will provide support during business hours for the duration of the trial and post-cutover should there be any issues.
If fully-managed service is requested by the customer then we can quote this subject to further information.

What are the costs associated with this migration?

Contact M2M Connectivity to discuss.
Jasper SIMs can be provided by M2M One, Telstra or Optus.


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