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M2M Connectivity Newsletter March 2015

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March 2015

Cisco research indicates that Australia, with it’s proximity to Asia, trained engineers and innovation, is one of the best placed countries to take advantage of the Internet of Everything (IoE). An extension of the Internet of Things, Cisco coined the term – IoE to cover people, processes and data as well as objects.

Scheduled to open this year is Cisco’s new IoE innovation centre. Cisco plans to spend US$15 million ($19.3 million) over five years to establish the IoE Innovation centre in Sirca in Sydney. Sirca provides data and tools to support financial research and innovation by its 40 Australia and New Zealand member universities. The new centre will be used to develop and prototype IoE proofs of concept, features and functionalities. It will also include space to demonstrate IoE in action and areas for customers, start-ups, researchers and other interested partners to brainstorm new ideas and technologies.

M2M Connectivity’s M2M and IoT products and services will be on display at CONNECT 2015 in Melbourne next month. Please refer to the details and registration for free entry in this newsletter.

If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please contact us. Click here to request more information

Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity



New: SkyWave Dual-mode IDP 782
Satellite Terminal

LTE: Opengear ACM5504-5-LR-I Gateway

SkyWave’s next-generation dual mode terminal, the fully programmable IDP 782 is ideal for fleet management.

The IDP 782 provides fleet managers with a single device for both cellular and satellite network coverage over the Inmarsat IsatData Pro network to stay connected to assets, sensors and people in the most cost-effective way possible.  The terminal improves operations and increases safety without the added costs of roaming charges.

The IDP 782 provides both configurable out-of-the-box software for quick deployments and flexible architecture that supports the development of custom applications for more complex solutions.


The Opengear ACM5504-5-LR-I deploys alongside distributed IT, network and power infrastructure, providing secure remote access over the 3G or 4G LTE cellular networks,  It provides  true out-of-band management, proactive monitoring and smart automated response capabilities.

Opengear enables complete and continous remote management for central operations staff.  With reduced need for expensive on-site technical visits.  operational efficiency is improved and mean-time-to-repair is minimized.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services are delivered better, faster, and more cost-effectively by using Opengear RIM Gateway from anywhere in the world.


IoT: Sierra Wireless AirPrime HL Series

Tech Tip:
Sierra Wireless Modules – configuration of
MO SMS transport service

The AirPrime® HL Series modules are pin-compatible and interchangeable.

The HL Series is the smallest, scalable, flexible solution in a compact and easy-to-integrate form factor that is interchangeable across 2G and 3G networks, with 4G compatibility available by Q4 2015.

The ready-to-use firmware upgrades make these modules ideal for industrial M2M solution designs where size and deployment longevity are important considerations.

The snap-in-socket is unique to the AirPrime HL Series modules. As an option to soldering down the module, it enables device manufacturers to leverage one design for
their 2G, 3G, and 4G deployments, simply by changing the module installed in production


Unable to send SMS during active data connection

There are four types of MO SMS transport services that can be configured on Sierra Wireless modules:-

0 Packet Domain
1 Circuit switched
2 Packet Domain preferred (use circuit switched if GPRS not available)
3 Circuit switched preferred (use Packet Domain if circuit switched not

Carriers implement one of the above transport services. The default setting for AirPrime SL808x and Q2698 embedded modules is Circuit Switched Preferred which fits most carrier settings.

Change MO SMS service using AT+CGSMS command. If experiencing issues when sending SMS during active data connection, change the MO SMS transport service to the one your carrier is using. In most cases, executing AT+CGSMS=1 should resolve this issue.

M2M One: Voice Plans


M2M One’s Voice Plans will soon be available. Offering affordable packages to fit your M2M communication needs, M2M One Voice Plans will be commercially available in May. The PAYG and bundles rates are listed below.

The Voice plans support M2M applications where voice calls, machine call back, DTMF, and emergency dialing are required.

If you would like more information on M2M One Voice Plans, please contact M2M One:

Phone: +61 3 9696 3011

Pay per Use

 1 Minute Bundle

10 Minute Bundle

$1.20 per minute

Monthly Fee – $1.10 per month

Monthly Fee – $4.40 per month

$0.02 per second

Excess usage – $0.018 per second

Excess usage – $0.018 per second

CONNECT is a showcase of the technologies transforming business, government and society. Visit Connect to explore the latest incloud, data analytics, mobility and collaboration solutions to wearabletech, cybersecurity, devices, IoT, drones and network infrastructure.

M2M Connecitiy will be exhibiting at Connect on stand 24.  We will be showcasing a full range of products.

Date:      April 21 & 22
Time:     10am to 4pm
Venue:   Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre

The expo free of charge with 10% off conference registration fees by using the code “M2M” before the 10th of April.

Visit us for assistance with your M2M/IoT project. Register here.

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