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M2M Connectivity Newsletter May 2014

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May 2014

Infonetics Research latest Mobile M2M Modules report predicts that the global M2M module market will almost double to $2.9 billion by 2018. In 2013, this global market totaled $1.4 billion, up from 6% from the previous year with continuing areas of strength such as fleet management identified.  Asia Pacific, catching up to the U.S. and Europe in M2M mobile growth, is expected to account for a third of total revenue by 2018.

Sierra Wireless is one of three companies reported to dominate the M2M modules space.  The combined influence of these key players account for approxmiately two-thirds of total market revenue, with a combined total of almost a billion dollars in module sales.

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Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity

Product News

New Maestro Wireless Solutions E205

With high-speed cellular (3G and beyond), WAN, LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity, the E205 is a highly versatile, reliable and rugged router designed for mission-critical enterprise applications requiring faultless connectivity.

The Mastro E205 can be configured through an easy-to-use web interface; a configuration wizard enables router set-up.  Advanced configuration such as VPN, IPsec, OpenVPN and Wi-Fi hotspot setting are also directly available through the web interface.

For more information on the Maestro Wireless Solutions E205, please click here.

New RB912UAG RouterBOARD

RB912UAG RouterBOARD is wireless router with WiFi and miniPCIe for 3G.

A very versatile wireless router, the RB912UAG offers an integrated high power wireless card Option for 2.4 or 5Ghz and an additional miniPCIe slot for 3G/LTE module.  The Gigabit port helps to utilize the full potential of 802.11n wireless speeds. The integrated wireless card is capable of up to 1000mW output power. It has built in 16kV ESD protection on both the Ethernet and the MMCX ports.  The RB912UAG includes RouterOS – the operating system, which can be a router, firewall, bandwidth manager, a mobile 3G/LTE router, and more.

The RB912UAG is also available in a kit with accessories and outdoor housing.

For more information on the RB912UAG RouterBOARD , please click here.

New NTC6000-02 3G Router

The NTC6000-02 penta band 3G router features Ethernet, Serial (RS232/422/485), and USB 2.0 connectivity.

The NTC6200-02 can interface with a diverse range of equipment used in a wide variety of vertical applications. It also features built-in GPS support and a dedicated ignition input making it ideal for vehicle applications. The device features integrated Zigbee1 with embedded antennas for multipoint wireless networking and multipurpose digital and analogue I/O ports.

The NTC-600-02 is perfect for:
–  Point-to-point or point-to-multipoint machine-to-machine IP
–  Controlling and monitoring of connected machines from remote
–  Collection and analysis of data from connected machines
–  Commercial and Industrial deployments in harsh environments

For more information on the NTC6000-02 router, please click here.

New Jablocom Essence 3G Desk-phone

The Jablocom Essence 3G desk-phone (GDP-06) provides the format of a standard desk-phone but connects using a 3G SIM. The Essence phone works on 3G 900/2100 networks.  It provides features including quick dial numbers, speaker phone, and easy to use navigation features.

The cloud based services allow synchronizing of contacts among your desktop phone, mobile phone and Google or Exchange account over-the-air for free.

M2M Connectivity can provide extra features.  For example we are providing a “taxi-phone” configuration which auto-dails a preset number on handset lift.

Available in June, For more information on the Jablocom Essence 3G Desk-phone, please click here.

M2M One Free Delivery

For a limited time only, M2M One is offering free delivery applicable to orders of 10+ SIM cards.

Take advantage of this special offernow and save $15 per cost of delivery, that’s a saving of $150 if ordering one SIM at a time.

There are several ways M2M One can send out SIM cards:

1,  SIM Card + Data plans = Test Ready state for immediate use

2.  SIM Card only = Inventory state, request data plan activation later
(i.e. move to Test Ready)

3.  Combination of Test Ready and Inventory to suit your immediate and
planned deployments

Offer ends June 30, 2014. Please contact us.

Tech Tip

Tech Tip:  Sierra Wireless MC7304 NMEA strings.

To receive the NMEA strings from the MC7304 under Linux based O/S, the string “$GPS_START” needs to be sent on the NMEA port to enable the NMEA strings.

Also ensure that the GPS feature is enabled on the module: (AT!CUSTOM=”GPSENABLE”,1 and then AT!RESET if “GPSENABLE” is not listed in AT!CUSTOM).

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