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M2M Connectivity Newsletter November 2011

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M2M Connectivity


November 2011

M2M Connectivity recently attended both Melbourne and Sydney Telstra MPP Road shows this month. Discussion covered the progress for their Partner Program, an update on their network roll-out including LTE 4G, and the continuing evolution of standards in M2M with ETSI working on new standards for connectivity of devices to networks.
We are launching a few new products including the new quadrifilar GPS antenna from Maxtena and the Maestro Coronis Wavenis Add-on for the Heritage GPRS and 3G modems. A product that we think will be of benefit to most of our developer customers is the new industrial SIM with much better environmental performance – these are available now.
It is nearly the end of another year – our office will be closed from 23 December until 8 January. If you are likely to have deliveries required in that period please advise us so we can arrange this
If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please contact us. Click here to request more information.
Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity

Product News

Maestro  Heritage Wavenis Board

Wavenis HER060Maestro Heritage HER 060 short range RF Gateway immediately gives wireless connectivity between your Wavenis end points and your application.  It is compact, easy to set-up and scalable and offers full 2 way communications.
Available in ISM 433 frequency band (options for 868 and 915 MHz) and fully type certified, this is the ideal solution for worldwide deployments. This Maestro Heritage Gateway with the HER060 can also be used for remote management, allowing end-users to query nodes over any distance at any time.
For more information on the Maestro HER 060 please click here

Maxtena HeliCORE Quadfiliar Antennas

Maxtena HeliCORE M1575HCT-P-SMAGPS antennaThese high performance quadrifilar antennas are based on proprietary and patented Maxtena HeliCore® technology. The patented technology provides an extremely flexible and low cost platform for designing different antenna products where pattern, polarization purity, efficiency and size are the driving design parameters.
M2M Connectivity stock Maxtena HeliCORE Quadrifilar Antennas for Precision GPS L1 / L2 Bands, GPS / GLONASS Dual Bands, and Iridium / GPS Dual Bands.  The latest addition is the Maxtena M1575HCT-P-SMAGPS passive antenna.
For more information on the range of Maxtena HeliCORE Quadfiliar Antennas, please click here.

New Industrial SIM Cards available from M2M One

M2M OneM2M One has introduced an Industrial grade SIM Card to their SIM portfolio.
The Industrial SIM is made from a higher durability polycarbonate than the standard SIM, provides a longer life, and can withstand higher temperatures than a standard SIM. The Industrial SIM suits all M2M applications, but is best suited and recommended when SIM is installed in harsh application environments such as, power/water/gas/sewage meters, SCADA, in-vehicle telematics, and digital signage.
More details about M2M One SIMs and the Industrial SIM specifications can be viewed online here

Tech Tip

Procedures for making HTTP post to a website with WIPSoft
To make a HTTP post in four steps:

  1. Start GPRS bearer with AT+WIPBR=4,6,0 and check bearer with AT+WIPBR?
  2. Create HTTP client with AT+WIPCREATE=5,1,
    then start posting process with AT+WIPFILE=5,1,4,
  3. Get CONNECT, now in DATA mode. Send the data to post to the website with a ETX character at the end. Then send +++ to switch back to command mode. If the website received correctly, you will get +WIPFILE: 5,1,4,200,”OK”
  4. Close the HTTP client with AT+WIPCLOSE=5,1 and shutdown the GPRS bearer with AT+WIPBR=5,6
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