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M2M Connectivity Newsletter October 2011

M2M Connectivity


October 2011

Beecham Research recently reported on M2M Service Enablement Services (SES) looking at over 50 platforms on offer including Sierra Wireless AirVantage. It is predicted that the revenue opportunity for SES will grow at more than twice the rate of data revenue over the next few years.
The report concludes that SES reduces the time for M2M products/services to get to market and that SES represents a significant revenue opportunity for MNOs, resellers and M2M suppliers. For our customers we think it will become increasingly important to either have their own scalable SES or select a quality partner to support their application roll-out.
The second Mobility Partner Program Roadshow will be held in both Melbourne and Sydney in November. We encourage developers to register. More information and the link to register is detailed in this newsletter.
If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please contact us. Click here to request more information.
Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity


Product News

Telstra Approved Sierra Wireless MC8801

MC8801Now Telstra approved, the Sierra Wireless MC8801 offers quad-band 3G with GPS support and offers Dual Carrier HSPA+ data speeds (peak downlink up to 42 Mbps).
The MC8801 provides UMTS/HSPA and quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE network access to enable roaming on high-speed networks around the world
For developers working on this MC platform there will also be a seamless transition to LTE modules on the same footprint. For information on the MC8801 module please click here.

Quake Q-Pro Satellite Modems

Quake Q-ProThe Quake Global Q-Pro Satellite Data Modem is a portable, self-contained global communication, and navigation system.
The Q-Pro Iridium and Q-Pro ORBCOMM only modems are available with pass-through mode software. Using the pass-through mode stops the internal Iridium or ORBCOMM task, leaving the modem on for access from an external application, controlled directly through the MTS port. This sets up the Iridium modem by enabling command echo and disabling notify events. Serial data from the MTS port is copied to the iridium modem and serial data from the Iridium modem is copied to the MTS serial port.
For more information on the Q-Pro modems click here.

Special Offer Routerboard NextG Router

NextG Router M2M Connectivity has a special offer of a Routerboard NextG Router for $300 exc. GST.
This router includes indoor case, power supply, 2x antennas and a Sierra Wireless module supporting 7.2Mb downlink and 2Mbps uplink (peak). This is a limited offer in November.
For orders please contact M2M Connectivity.

Telstra Mobility Partner Program Roadshow

The second annual MPP Roadshows will be held in both Melbourne and Sydney on Tuesday, 22nd November and Thursday, 24th November respectively.
This free event is a great opportunity for partners to get the latest on the program and to network with like-minded solution providers.
To register your interest, please click here.

M2M One Data Plans

M2M One offers a range of data plans to suit low and high use applications. Data plans include our CAP Guarantee – never get excess usage charges and bill shock!

Usage Data Plan Type of Application
Low 1MB – 5MB Metering/Monitoring, Security, Fleet Transport
Medium 5MB – 300MB Retail/Ticketing, Mobile Health
High 300MB – 1GB Digital Signage, Industrial Monitoring/Control
Extreme 1GB+ Video Surveillance, Wireless Networking

Please click here for more information.

Tech Tip

Tech Tip: Routerboard
The Routerboard has an additional Mini PCI slot which can be used to facilitate another 3G adaptor through a Mini PCI to Mini PCIe daughterboard.
With 2 3G cards installed, the Routerboard is capable of per connection load balancing and redundancy (Fail over). This implementation is perfect for hotspots with additional load whilst providing added reliability.

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