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M2M Connectivity Newsletter September 2012

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September 2012

Historically M2M solutions have been designed in an ad hoc and fragmented manner.  We are now seeing many developments aimed at making M2M simpler, including the evolution M2M global standards and the growing collaboration of IT & M2M companies. An example of the latter is the Eclipse M2M project which includes Sierra Wireless and IBM.  This project aims to provide an embedded platform that M2M-enables devices and exposes a framework, protocols and tools for creating M2M apps and device management for wired/wireless communication.
Making news this month, Optus announced the official launch of its 4G network working at 1800 Mhz. In this newsletter, we feature the MC7710 embedded module which is compatible with the Optus 4G network and the enhanced speeds offered.
We also feature two new additions to our 3G serial modem range in this newsletter –  Maxon’s Intelimax and the NTC-4520.
If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please contact us. Click here to request more information
Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity

Product News

Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC7710 for Optus LTE & 3G Networks

The MC7710 is compatible with the Optus LTE and 3G networks as well as Telstra’s LTE network, offering LTE connectivity on 800/900/1800/2100/2600, HSPA+ (900/2100 Mhz) and GSM/GPRS frequencies.
The AirPrime MC7710 can be easily integrated into a variety of devices requiring high speed LTE or HSPA+ connectivity (up to 100Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speeds) and offers integrated GPS capabilities as well as support for both Linux and Windows. Ideal for mobile computing and networking applications, the MC7710 is suited to applications with video download, routing over 3G, and in laptop/netbook computers.
For more information on the MC7710 module.

NEW Industrial 3G Serial Modems

The Intellimax 3G serial modem from Maxon is a compact and cost effective serial modem delivering an efficient communication solution to suit many industrial market requirements. The Intelimax features comprehensive features using a powerful onboard processor. Enhanced capabilities include FOTA, SSH, Telnet, remote mgt, onboard IP stack and FTP.  This multi purpose device offers quad-band HSPA+ connectivity with fall back to 2G networks.
The NTC-4520 Quad-band 3G Industrial Serial Modem provides a cost effective solution for wireless M2M connectivity. It provides 3G data connectivity enabling remote monitoring, control ,management, and reporting of industrial and commercial equipment.The small rugged form factor is ideal for applications in metering, road signs, security, SCADA…
The NTC-4520 allows devices to simply take serial data, and using the embedded IP stack, send this over 3G to any other IP network enabled device.  It supports an extended AT command set that allows quick programming and configuration of the device. 

Iridium Q9523 SBD Modem

The Quake Q9523 Iridium module is the smallest, lightest and most advanced voice and data satellite transceiver module.  It enables simplified global voice and data connectivity through the Iridium network.
The Q9523 features standardized connectors and easily integrates into new partner products to reach previously under-served consumer and vertical markets. The module supports Voice, Circuit Switched Data (CSD) and RUDICS, as well as being Short Burst Data (SBD) capable.  
The Q9523 module supports larger SBD packets than the standard modules, with Mobile Oroginated SBD messages up to 1960 bytes, and mobile terminated SBD messages up to 1890 bytes

M2M One SIM Chips

Designed for industrial Machine to Machine applications, M2M SIM Chips are in the MFF2 form factor – a robust surface mountable SON-8/VQNF8 package for industries that have specific environmental and form factor requirements.
The M2M SIM Chips feature higher temperature resistance and resistance against corrosion, vibration and shock with a longer life expectancy and data retention (10 years +).  The M2M SIM Chips are Ideal for M2M applications in motor vehicles and heavy machinery.
For more information on M2M One SIM Chips, please click here.

Tech Tip

Tech Tip: MMT Trackers– using the magnet as an on and off switch.
The magnet is attached to Alarm 1, you can use the programming software to put the unit in sleep mode, then removing the magnet will turn the unit on, however re-inserting the magnet will not put the unit back in sleep mode.
Another way to use it would be to program the unit to only send messages when the magnet is not present, then you can use it as somewhat of an on off switch, inserting it would stop the unit from transmitting and removing it would allow it to start transmitting again.
It’s a little tricky, clear any interval in the EZ setup tab, go to Interval tab and select override option.
Enter the override interval, this will be your reporting interval, select Alarms Tab and set Alarm 1 to trigger on positive (magnet out).
At the end of your programming do not put the unit in sleep mode, select RUN and wait for the message, then select RUN again and wait for the message.
The unit will now be on but not transmitting or getting GPS fixes until you remove the magnet, then it will begin reporting on the Override interval until you insert the magnet.

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