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M2M Connectivity Newsletter September 2013

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September 2013

The infrastructure of M2M communications is evolving to support the Internet of Things (IoT) as it develops at rapid speed.  Many look to existing cellular networks as mobile operators prepare for the opportunity of IoT and the revenue derived from the growth in M2M communications.  However, current revenue models based on ubiquitous, real time coverage will require radical revision or a new approach to suit low bit rate uses and short burst of data adequate for many M2M applications.
New cellular networks have developed or are in the process of developing to support the IoT and offer low cost entry with cheap rates and cheap hardware for high volume, low bandwidth data throughput. Other capabilities offered such as long range and long battery life further improve the feasibility of M2M / IoT. As examples, cellular network operator SigFox (Fr.) offers a service dedicated to low throughput M2M/IoT applications with a $3 yearly data rate and Weightless (U.S.) is developing a wireless radio standard ideal for IoT with low cost data and long range capabilities of up to 10km.
M2M Connectivity will be exhibiting at Smart Utlities 2013 in November and showcasing a wide range of Inmarsat products. This event focuses on techology and solutions for electricity retailers, distributors and water utilities. More information and free entry to Smart Utilities 2013 is in this newsletter.
If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please contact us. Click here to request more information.
Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity


NEW Sierra Wireless MC7304 LTE / HSPA+

The Sierra Wireless MC7304 module is ideal for M2M applications demanding high speed connectivity.  The new model will operate on all LTE networks and fallback to all 3G frequencies in use in Australia/NZ  (850/900/2100Mhz).
This miniPCIEe LTE module can be easily integrated into a variety of devices.   Target  markets include applications with security cameras for video upload, digital signage with high data download needs, and routing over LTE.
Taking advantage of the latest generation of high-speed mobile networks, delivering up to 100Mbps download speeds and 50Mbps upload speeds over LTE with fall-back to all 3G/HSPA+ networks, the MC7304 includes enhanced location capabilities using A-GPS, GPS Xtra, and Glonass. It also provides support for Linux and Windows 7 and Windows 8. The module has been optimized for low power consumption, enabling longer battery life in applications.
Samples of the MC7304 will be available in October, please contact M2M Connectivity to register your interest.

Maestro 3G Industrial Ethernet Router with Embedded PSU – Price Reduced

The Maestro 3G Industrial Router (Maestro 3GIR)  provides a wireless single port router for fast wireless IP over UMTS/HSPA+/GPRS/EDGE with full HSPA+ 21Mbps downlink speeds.
Offering easy fully automated set-up and remote maintenance, by using the 3GIR it is possible to connect remote sites to a central site by using the built-in IP-IP tunneling feature. Devices can communicate across firewalls and handle bi-directional communications across a NAT barrier.
The 3GIR comes with dual SIM card readers providing for SIM fail-over and also includes an embedded PSU so that the modem can be directly connected to DC or AC power source.
The Maestro 3GIR is designed for applications including Wireless Networking, Retail / Point-of-Sale, Vending / Kiosks, Multimedia, Remote Monitoring and Control and is now available at a dramatically reduced the price.

connectBlue OWS451 Dual-band WLAN module with Enterprise Security

connectBlue’s OWS451 Wireless LAN Serial Port Adapter offers the unique feature of Enhanced Enterprise Security which makes it possible to connect to existing Wireless LAN networks that utilize these security systems.  With TCP/IP and software drivers embedded, it also offers a seamless connection of a device to an existing 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wireless LAN network.
Dual-band functionally is offered for the connectBlue WLAN embedded module range ensuring robust, interference-free connectivity 24/7. These modules encompass the 1-13 frequency channels of the 2.4GHz band and the 36-165 frequency channels (U-NII Band 1, 2, 2e, 3) of the 5GHz band.
Other connectBlue WLAN modules include:
–  SPI Module OWL221a,
–  SDIO Module OWL222a,
–  SPI Module OWL253.

IsatData Pro IDP680

The IDP680 IsatData Pro modem works on Inmarsat’s global satellite constellation, providing for 2-way text and data communications with your assets.
The Inmarsat IsatData Pro network allows download of near real-time messages of up to 10,000 bytes to any device, and upload up to 6,400 bytes from the device. This increase in data packet size and transmission speed meets customer demands for higher data capacity and reduced latency in M2M solutions.
Designed for mission- critical applications, all messages are delivered within seconds, making the IDP680 modem ideal for sending information to people operating in high-risk areas, reporting alarm conditions and retrieving logs from remote equipment during an emergency.
Further applications include transferring electronic documents and vehicle telemetry information, text- messaging remote workers and maintaining up-to-date driver logs and more. There is also an off-the-shelf front-end application available with the ISAT IDP680 to allow you to track and monitor assets/vehicles if you don’t have your own solution.

Smart Utilities 2013

M2M Connectivity will be exhibiting at Smart Utilities Australia and New Zealand 2013 on stand A2.
Date:    25-27 November, 2013
Venue: Pullman Melbourne, Albert Park, VIC
M2M Connectivity will be showcasing a wide range of Inmarsat products including:
–  Inmarsat BGAN and BGAN M2M
–  Inmarsat IsatData Pro modems
–  Use of the Sierra Wireless AirLink
GX400 with the Inmarsat IDP680
The 11th Smart Utilities Australia & New Zealand 2013 is the region’s largest conference and exhibition for electricity retailers, distributors and water utilities focusing on the latest approaches, technologies and solutions to improve electricity and water networks’ efficiency. The combined conference and exhibition will provide an effective platform for the electricity and water utility industry to meet and exchange ideas.
More details and free entry register here.

Tech Tip

Tech Tip: Sierra Wireless AirLink FX100 Active GPS Antenna Bias
Among Fastrack modems, the GPS RF interface is only available in the FX100. It is an MMCX type connector for GPS antenna connection. It also provides bias for active antenna. The DC bias for active antenna can be enabled or disabled using GPIO44.
Note that GPIO44 needs to be at high level for antenna bias to be activated.
To enable DC bias, issue these AT commands below:

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