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M2M Connectivity Newsletter September 2014

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September 2014

This month M2M Connectivity announced new distributorships which will help facilitate M2M satellite solutions and applications in Australia and New Zealand.  M2M Connectivity is pleased to announce its appointment as the authorized distributor of SkyWave Mobile Communications to distribute their range of M2M satellite products.  Now available, IsatData Pro (IDP) teams the technological expertise of both SkyWave and Inmarsat to address M2M opportunities.

M2M Connectivity is also pleased to launch Tallysman quality GNSS and Globalstar antennas in Australia and New Zealand.  Tallysman’s technology is well suited to support M2M communications. We feature Tallysman and SkyWave products in this newsletter.

If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please contact us. Click here to request more information

Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity

Product News

SkyWave IDP 800

The IDP 800 is a low-profile IsatData Pro terminal with integrated battery compartment and line power option. The IDP 800 works over the Inmarsat satellite network giving near global coverage.

Offering two-way communication, the IDP 800 reporting frequency can be changed to suit the circumstances. It can use either rechargeable batteries with an external power source or single use batteries. Features include an accelerometer to detect motion, geofencing, and peripheral ports for added functionality (e.g panic button, temp sensor, text messaging terminal, power cut detection etc.).  Battery life with 1 message per day is up to 3 year.

For more information on SkyWave’s IDP800, please click here.

NEW Tallysman GNSS Multi-Constellation Antennas

M2M Connectivity offers the GNSS Multi-constellation range of antennas from Tallysman.

These multi-constellation antennas provide accurate reception for GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo signals and SBAS associated augmentation signals (WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS).

Choose between compact, mag mount or fixed mount antennas in IP67 weather proof housing.  These antennas feature a dual feed wideband patch element that provides substantially improved multipath rejection for higher precision applications.

For more information on Tallysman GNSS antennas multi-constellation antennas,  please click here.

NEW Tallysman Globalstar Simplex Antennas

M2M Connectivity also offers Tallysman’s complete range of Globalstar Simplex antennas.

The antennas come as embedded models for integration, and magnetic and screw mount finished options on cable. These Globalstar approved antennas are of a professional grade with passive left hand circularly polarised for the 1610 to 1620 MHz frequency band.

Specifically designed to maximise the performance of Globalstar Simplex modems/modules, the wideband dual feed patch element in the antennas has an excellent axial ratio across the entire Globalstar™ bandwidth. Unlike single feed antennas, the Tallysman models provide excellent multipath rejection and a truly circular transmission response across the Globalstar band.

For more information on the Tallyman Globalstar Simplex antennas, please click here.

LTE: Opengear ACM5504-5-LR-I Gateway

Opengear’s ACM5504-5-LR-I works with distributed IT, network and power infrastructure, to provide secure remote access over the 3G or 4G LTE cellular networks.  It offers out-of-band management, proactive monitoring and smart automated response capabilities.

The ACM5504-5-LR-I enables complete remote management, reducing the need for expensive on-site technical visits, improving operational efficiency and minimising mean-time-to-repair.

Opengear’s ACM5504-5-LR-I provides LTE connectivity, 4 serial console ports, 5 ethernet ports, digital I/O, extended temperature range (+74deg), environmental sensors, local 4GB storage and optional WLAN.

For more information on the ACM5504-5-LR-I, please click here.

LTE Update: LTE and GNSS

LTE / 4G technology in mobile communications started with data-only modules for Internet connectivity but quickly made its mark on smartphones, automotive communication, and embedded modules that provide fast and reliable wireless data connectivity to the M2M market.

The strong need to provide positioning capabilities has resulted in GNSS features offered on many LTE M2M modules. GNSS systems remain the leading technology for positioning. When coupled to a cellular technology such as LTE, assisted GNSS (A-GNSS, where assistance data is provided by the network) can provide improved location performance by making position fixes faster.

Tallysman GNSS antennas available from M2M Connectivity, are ideal accessories for LTE modules that have GNSS support.

IoT: Sendum Package Tracker

The Sendum PT300D is a small portable and resuable 3G device that enables the monitoring of location and important conditions affecting your valuable assets or packages in near real time.

The PT300D can be used to monitor cargo/packages in transit, portable equipment, perishable goods that need to meet certain qulaity control conditions, and other assets.

The PT300D is designed to work in impaired environments using GPS, WiFi, and cell based location to provide a best effort location. The device has multiple sensors to monitor temperature, pressure, humidity, motion and exposure to light.

The Sendum PT300D is available on the Telstra network.  For more information about the PT300D please click here.

Tech Tip

Tech Tip:  Sierra Wireless Airlink GX400 can be accessed from remote end through AAF developer studio

This will allow access to AAP application running on the modem and customer can load application remotely through developer studio tool.

·  In Telnet/SSH services, configure remote login server mode as SSH
and accept SSH on port 22 for incoming connections.
·  Forward the RPC port 1999 (port used by the developer studio tool
to talk to the GX400) so that it is accessible over the air (by default
this is block on the WWAN interface)

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