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M2M Connectivity Newsletter September 2017

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M2M & IoT News for September 2017
The interest in LPWAN continues to grow and M2M Connectivity is working across the main technologies, those being LTE Cat M1/NB1, Sigfox, and LoRaWAN.
In August Telstra announced the launch of its LTE Cat M1 network, and in the coming months we expect to see a range of modules certified for use on that network.
LTE Cat M1 is one of two LPWAN cellular standards, the other being the non-mobile NB1. We expect several vendors to announce module supporting both Cat M1 and NB1 by the end of 2017.
Across at Thinxtra/Sigfox things haven’t stayed still, with several announcements on expansion of that network and an increasing eco-system of devices already available in market.LoRaWAN is also not being left behind, and we are now seeing modules to support the regional and Australian market using the AS923 standard.
M2M has hardware available (modules and modems) across all LPWAN technologies supported by a team to help with your designs, and engineers to work with you on design of systems and solutions – please contact us if this is of interest.
Darren Moroney, General Manager, M2M Connectivity

Maxtena MiMo | LTE Antenna for Rail Transportation
Using 4×4 MIMO technology, Maxwave™ brings reliable, high-speed, wireless
internet connectivity to onboard systems worldwide.
Applications include; High-Speed Trains/Trams/Light Rail/Buses/Coaches (and other Mass transit systems) as well as Heavy-duty machinery and CCTV.

  • Designed compliant to railway standard EN50155 & fire retardant design
    according to EN 45545:20134
  • Antenna elements operating simultaneously from 698MHz – 6000MHz
  • Covers all cellular, LTE, WiFi & WiMAX frequency bands
  • Optional active GPS/GLONASS antenna with integrated surge arrestor
  • DC grounded antenna elements for protection against lightning & high-voltage powerlines.

Read more or Contact us for more information on this product.

Sierra Wireless MangOH Boards
MangOH™ is a family of open source hardware platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT).
The BOM (Bill Of Materials) is made up of vetted, industrial-grade components, which means you can quickly turn your ideas into commercial products by building 90% of your prototype out-of-the-box.
The MangOH Red board has a credit-card-sized form factor, and is ideal for building Low Power IoT applications that can run for up to 10 years.
The MangOH Green board has been designed to offer unprecedented flexibility for sending IoT sensor data to the cloud.
The MangOH series is compatible with the WP and HL Series Modules, which are created with a Common Flexible Form Factor.
To learn more, you can sign up for a webinar here.
Read More or Contact Us for more information on this product.

 IDP-680 Satellite Terminal with Software for Data Acquisition & Control
M2M Connectivity are dedicated to supporting your Internet of Things and
Machine to Machine (M2M) application requirements by offering hardware,
software, and integration support for Fleet Management and Remote Control.
We are partnering with Kore Wireless, an internationally-recognised SIM and
airtime solutions provider, to deliver a full product and service offering for
the IsatData Pro (IDP) 680.
Read More or Contact Us for more information on this product.

QAssure Accreditation
M2M Connectivity have officially received QAssure Accreditation to provide
technology services to the Queensland Government.
QAssure is the largest database of ICT businesses in Queensland, listing over 1500 organisations from around the state.
This means we have met the standards requirements instituted by the Queensland Government Services Procurement Board, and our services can now be procured via the official site.
Read more or Contact us for information on this service.

Kerlink Wanesy Radio Access Network (RAN) + iBTS
Device management of IoT endpoints is an important part of the rapidly-emerging LPWAN (Low-Power, Wide-Area Network) market.
To address this, Kerlink have launched a network management solution with the secure Wanesy RAN. It provides base station management, network management, data routing, and management of connected objects.
When paired with the iBTS, you can achieve long-range bidirectional transmissions with very low power consumption levels.
Read more or Contact us for more information on this product.

Tallysman Antenna Selected By Facebook Open Cellular Group
Facebook has created the Open Cellular project, a cost-effective solution to improve connectivity by bringing cellular telephone and internet to remote areas.
The group have designed and tested an open-source solution,  sending/receiving SMS messages, making voice calls, and using basic 2G data connectivity.
The Bill Of Materials has specified the use of the Tallysman TW2643P (passive GPS/ GLONASS, Iridium antenna) as well as a connector and a grommet.
Read more or Contact us for more information on this service.



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