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M2M Connectivity Newsletter September 2011

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M2M Connectivity



M2M Connectivity continues to expand its range of products and services to the M2M market. We now offer a range of “finished” devices to developers and integrators for lower volume opportunities needing a fast roll-out. Today we support a large range of 3G routers, as well as several serial and USB modems. Of course we continue to work at a module level and the knowledge we gain from the module business is key to us being able to support these finished devices. In October we launch our first hardware developed by ourselves – the Dual Serial IESM board for the Sierra Wireless Xtend modems.  This was developed to fill a need we see for cellular applications that would like to extend coverage to satellite.

If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please contact us.

Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity

Product News

Sierra Wireless Dual Serial IESM for FXT Modems

M2M Dual Serial + GPS IESMM2M has developed a new IESM daughter board for the FXT003/009 modems to add a higher quality GPS module (using the XM0110 SiRFstar 4 GPS chip) together with two additional serial ports. The product has been developed to allow customers to add a second (satellite) communications link and connect other hardware to the modem.
The primary application is to add a back-up satellite communications link using the Q9612 Iridium SBD modem or the Q1200 Orbcomm modem. Satellite can then be used as a back-up communications link on the Fastrack Xtend 3G or GPRS modem. For more information on the IESM Dual Serial board or to request a sample for testing please contact us.

Quake Q-Pro Iridium Only Modem

Quake Q-ProIn October we will have samples of the QPro Iridium Only and Orbcomm only modems. These modems provide a rugged pass-though modem option to connect to your existing controller and are an ideal way to extend your existing tracking/monitoring application to include satellite.
We are also hoping to get our first 3G/Iridium Q-Pro modems for customer testing in October. These will be set up to offer Iridium SBD and a choice of network SIM cards, including Telstra Jasper-ready units. If you are already a Jasper user then these can be connected through your account for 3G connectivity.
Another exciting development we will see in October for the Q-Pro and Q4000 platforms is the launch of a new Software Configuration Suite. For a small cost, customers will be able to purchase this software to configure the dual-mode modem for a wide range of applications including the LCR management of data. If the software meets your needs then you will not need to program the modem, removing a major cost/time consideration.

Hirschmann 3G/GPS Antennas

For the last 2 years we have sold a range of high quality Hirschmann Iridium and Orbcomm antennas. We can now offer a range of 3G/GPS antennas with mag-mount, stick on and screw mount options, designed to work across all the 3G and GSM frequencies in use in Australia/NZ (Penta-band).
For more information on the new antennas or to test a unit please contact us and we would be glad to work with you.

Finished Products – Sierra Wireless AirCard 319U

M2M Connectivity now stock and sell the Sierra Wireless Aircard 319U. This quad-band Dual-Carrier (DC) HSPA+ USB modem offers mobile broadband speeds up to 42 Mbps making it ideal to and access corporate and social networks, video conferencing applications, news feeds, and more.
The 319U is unlocked making it ideal for customers wanting to access data when travelling overseas using a local data SIM card.

connectBlue Low Power Bluetooth

connectBlue are launching a Bluetooth Low Energy Ready Module, the
Bluetooth Serial Port Module OBS421 which is designed for Bluetooth v4.0 featuring Bluetooth low energy technology.
The ready-to-embed OBS421 module is a mid-range module tailored for the especially tough demands of industrial and medical applications.

The module has a small form factor, a low build height, and initially supports Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. Since the hardware supports Bluetooth v4.0, the OBS421 can be upgraded with Bluetooth low energy technology through an upcoming firmware upgrade.

Key features include high throughput, low latency, high receiver sensitivity, Android support, and high speed UART. The OBS421 also supports Apple iOS connectivity with firmware for use by Apple MFi licensees.

M2M One Static IP and VPN services

M2M One offers a high quality fully managed service that delivers static IP addresses to your M2M devices. M2M One’s IPX value added service suits applications that require static IP for secure mobile to mobile communications, or remote access to your M2M devices through a secure VPN service.
IPXVPN is an encrypted IPsec tunnel between any site and the wireless devices within your own secure IPX private network.
Find out more about M2M One’s Wireless IP networks here

Tech Tip – Iridium SBD Messages

Retrieval of a MT-SBD (Mobile Terminated SBD) Message using SBD Automatic Notification on the Iridium Satellite network:
The ISU (Iridium Subscriber Unit) must send a MO-SBD (Mobile Originated SBD) message in order to retrieve the MT-SBD message queued at the GSS (Gateway SBD Subsystem). The MO-SBD may simply be a ‘mailbox check’ with a zero-byte message payload, or a valid MO-SBD message (i.e. payload size greater than zero bytes.) Either one will cause the next MT-SBD message queued at the GSS, if there is one, to be delivered to the ISU and retrieve the status information from the GSS.

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