The Maestro 3G Industrial Router (Maestro 3GIR) provides a wireless single port router for fast wireless IP over UMTS | HSPA+ | GPRS | EDGE. The embedded configuration tool allows for easy set-up and remote maintenance.

By using the 3GIR it is possible to connect remote sites to a central site by using the built-in IP-IP tunnelling feature. Devices can communicate across firewalls and handle bi-directional communications across a NAT barrier. In addition the 3GIR comes with dual SIM card readers providing for SIM fail-over.  The modem also includes an embedded PSU as well as an option for DC power.

The Maestro 3GIR is designed for applications including Wireless Networking, Retail and Point-of-Sale, Vending and Kiosks, Multimedia, Remote Monitoring and Control.

Key Features

  • High speed 21 Mbps connectivity over HSPA+ networks
  • DHCP, DNS, NTP, DNAT support
  • Compliant with L2TP over IPSEC
  • IP-IP tunneling
  • VPN client support
  • SIM failover (dual sim card)
  • Wide mains input range with embedded PSU
  • Optional battery back-up
  • DC input option : 8VDC-30VDC input
  • Kit includes antenna, Ethernet cable and din clip


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