Maestro Wireless Solutions M110 Modems are designed to provide connectivity across a broad range of M2M and IoT applications.

They allow Internet connectivity via serial port to PLCs, Meters, POS and Vending Machines. In addition, M110 Modems assist with the transport of data from any industrial device to data control servers, allowing businesses to benefit from real-time data monitoring, management and control.

Key Features

  • Available in NB-IoT and LTE-M1

  • Two 2- or 3-way versatile I/Os

  • Smart Cap converts M110 series’ RS-232 port on a 9-pin sub-D connector into an isolated*, half- or full-duplex (user-selectable via a slide switch) RS-485 port on a 5-pin, 3.5 mmp itch, COMBICON connector.


Product Order Number:

MWS M110