The NetComm 3G29WN Dual ADSL2+ | 3G Wireless N Gateway is designed for business and home users that rely on a constant and reliable high speed Internet connection. By integrating an ADSL2+ and HSPA+ (3G) modem into one device, users will have the flexibility to decide how they connect to the Internet. Featuring automatic failover, the router will automatically connect to 3G should the ADSL connection fail, providing users with a constant and reliable connection to the Internet. This flexibility is a necessity for any business or personal user who engages in Internet critical activities.Both connection methods with allow you to share the Internet among multiple users with a built-in wireless access point offering speeds of up to 300Mbps and four Ethernet ports for wired connections. The USB port can be used to connect a printer or a storage device. By plugging in a USB printer or a USB hard drive to the router, the functionality of these products will be able to be shared with everyone connected to the 3G29WN.

The 3G29WN features the latest standards of wireless security so your network remains free from unwanted users. An advanced firewall and VPN pass-through functionality allows for maximum security and caters for the encrypted Point-to-Point communications from connected computers through the 3G29WN to a VPN Server. The Port Forwarding and UPnP functionality provided by the 3G29WN make it easier for today’s Internet users to setup and configure the various Network Port Rules needed by Internet applications such as Online Gaming, Peer-To-Peer file sharing and Instant Messaging services.


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