The NTC-4520 Quad-band 3G Industrial Serial Modem provides a cost effective solution for wireless M2M connectivity. It provides 3G data connectivity enabling remote monitoring, control ,management, and reporting of industrial and commercial equipment.

The small rugged form factor is ideal for applications in metering, road signs, security, SCADA, etc.

With a serial connection on one side and 3G on the other the NTC-4520 allows devices to simply take serial data, and using the embedded IP stack, send this over 3G to any other IP network enabled device.  It supports an extended AT command set that allows quick programming and configuration of the device.  This SerialNet mode of operation within Connect One’s AT+iTM command set  enables conversion of serial data to TCP/IP packets without any modification of the host device application.

Key Features

  • Small size rugged design
  • Reliable RS232 data connectivity over 3G
  • Supports standard and extended AT command set
  • Quad-band 3G/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS
  • 8-56v DC
  • USB 2.0 console port for serial connection to a Windows PC
  • SerialNet mode


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