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M2M Connectivity Newsletter October 2010

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M2M Connectivity

Juniper Research estimates revenue from mobile connected M2M and embedded devices will rise to $18.9 bn globally by 2014. With the automotive industry considered the most promising M2M growth area, Sierra Wireless’s recent launch of the new AIrPrime AR Series embedded wireless modules designed specifically for automotive manufacturers is timely.
Carriers worldwide are tapping into the fast-growth M2M market where ever-expanding mobile networks are connecting more devices than ever before. In line with Telstra’s announcement of  a new focus on M2M, Telstra is running a Mobility Partner Roadshow to update developers on their M2M strategy.  Developers interested in hearing more from Telstra on this should register to attend. More information is detailed below.
Vodafone confirmed today that their 2G mobile voice and data network will remain operational across New Zealand until at least end of 2020 and acknowledges the importance of maintaining a 2G backup layer for resiliency.  The 2G data service is also ideally suited to the growing M2M telemetry market due to its proven reliability, excellent coverage and availability of low cost data modules.
If you would like further information on any item in this newsletter please contact us. Click here to request more information.
Darren Moroney – General Manager, M2M Connectivity


Telstra Mobility Partner Website and Roadshow

M2M Connectivity would like to remind Sierra Wireless developers to register your company on the new Telstra Mobility Partner website –
As this Telstra data base also serves as a reference for Telstra sales executives looking for applications to fill their customer demand, developers with commercial products that are already in the market that use a Telstra approved Sierra Wireless module such as MC8790, MC8790v or MC8700 are encouraged to upload your product(s) under your new registration.
Telstra Roadshow: Melbourne-November 10  & Sydney-November 12
Registrations of interest to attend the Telstra Roadshow can be lodged on theTelstra Mobility Partner website. The agenda for this Roadshow is now available to view on the Website and as attendance to this event is by invitation only, we encourge you to register your interest to secure one of the limited places on offer.

Product News

Sierra Wireless 3G / HSDPA SL Series

SL SeriesThe AirPrime SL808x modules offer high-speed dual-band UMTS/HSDPA connectivity (up to 3.6 Mbps downlink) and quad-band EDGE/GPRS/GSM network access in the standard 25 x 30 mm LGA form factor and with an extended temperature range (-40°C to +85°C Class B).
The LGA surface-mount technology and the standardized form factor enable device manufacturers to easily place AirPrime SL Series modules into the final product using automated manufacturing equipment.
An easy migration path to 3G / HSDPA (SL808x) versions is available from the footprint compatible AirPrime SL6087.
For more information on the Sierra Wireless SL Series please click here.

Q4000 Orbcomm + Cellular + GPS Modem

Q4000 Orbcomm dual-mode modemThe Q4000 from Quake Global offers dual-mode operability over both the ORBCOMM® satellite and GSM terrestrial networks with GPS global tracking in one all encompassing versatile remote asset tracking solution.
Small, low profile, flexible and user friendly, the Q4000 is integrated with a 50-channel GPS receiver and on-board microprocessor and memory as well as CAN bus, memory, antenna detection, multiple analog and digital inputs/outputs and relays.
There is an easy-to-use turn-key application for quick set-up for basic tracking and monitoring solutions as well as a flexible application programming interface (API). The auto-roaming feature on the Q4000 allows customer data to be sent even when out of cellular coverage.
For information on the Q4000 Orbcomm dual-mode modem please click here.

VoloAccess VA125 3G HSPA+ Router

VA125The The easy-to-use, plug and play VoloAccess VA125 3G Router is a Wireless Convergence Gateway for HSPA+ capable 3G/UMTS networks.
Featuring speeds of  peak uplink 5.76 Mbps and  downlink 21 Mbps, the VA125 router provides wireless broadband Internet services in areas where conventional telephone lines either do not exist or are too far from the nearest xDSL enabled exchange. Data access is provided via Ethernet ports or high speed WLAN.
For more information on the VoloAccess VA125 please click here.

Open AT Course

An Open AT Introduction Course has been scheduled for Wednesday, 24th November 2010 to be conducted in Sydney.
The course is offered as a complimentary service for M2M Connectivity customers who have purchased and are developing with Sierra Wireless AirPrime embedded modules, Fastrack Supreme/Xtend Programmable Gateways, Q2686/Extreme Development Kit and Fastrack Supreme/ Xtend Development Kits.  Places are limited.
Please click here to register.

Tech Tip

Tech Tip: Q26EX001 3G Band Selection
In this week’s Tech Tip we explore the AT commands AT+WMSM, AT+WUBS, and AT+CREG that can be used for Q26EX001 3G frequency band selection and monitoring of 2G/3G network registration status.
AT+WWSM=2,2 is used to select GSM/3G operation with preferred wireless service as 3G.
AT+WUBS=”13″,1 is used to configure tri-band 850/1900/2100MHz 3G operating bands. Note that second parameter forces CPU to reset 3G stack immediately. AT+WUBS=”10″,1 forces the modem to single-band 850MHz, AT+WUBS=”1″,1 to select 2100MHz, and finally AT+WUBS=”11″,1 is used to select dual-band 850/2100MHz operation.
AT+CREG=2 is used to enable network registration and location information unsolicited result codes. If there is a change of network cell the unsolicited response +CREG: ,,, is received. Note: is access technology of the registered network where 0=GSM and 2=3G.
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