The Opengear EMD5000 environmental monitoring device plugs into the serial ports on the ACM5004-G Routers | console servers and enables you to remotely monitor environmental conditions using a standard Web browser.

You can view the ambient temperature and humidity of the remote environment and set the EMD to automatically send alarms progressively from warning levels to critical alerts. So you are warned if the temperature in a remote equipment rack begins to rise and can plan preventative action. Similarly, a warning of rising humidity in an air-conditioned room could be a sign of a duct leak, open door, roof leak, etc. The EMD also monitors the status of one or two external dry contacts which can be connected to a smoke detector, water detector, vibration or open-door sensor.

Key Features

  • Monitors temperature,humidity, and status of two contacts/sensors
  • Measures ambient temperatures between -20 ºand 80 ºC
  • Measures relatively humidity between 10 and 90 percent
  • Readily available smoke detector, vibration sensor, water leak detector and door open/close sensor
  • Option to maintain local or remote audit logs of temperature, humidity and sensor status
  • Supports user-defined thresholds for temperature, humidity, and contact closure status
  • Auto-sends alarms on any critical or warning threshold and on contact closure events


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Opengear EMD5000

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